New Boutique Medical Practice Offers Cosmetic and Concierge Services in Frisco 

Texas Vein and Aesthetics / Hair Restoration Center, a boutique practice specializing in a variety of medical aesthetics, is now offering their full menu of elective services in Frisco.

Dr. Scott J. Powell and partners – Physician Assistant Victor Fuselier, Registered Nurse Keetha Hanlin – treat clients through five main categories of services:

Vein – the treatment and elimination of unsightly veins

Cosmetic – facial peels, injectables, mole removal, microneedling, and more

Body – hair restoration, body contouring, smart lipo, and more

Men’s – hormone therapy, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatment

Concierge nutrition assistance

Of the services offered, cosmetic injectables are a popular request. As a quick, surgery-free way to lift and plump areas of the face, the process of receiving injectables can still be a painful experience for some people.

If you have experienced discomfort while receiving injectables, or if the thought of discomfort has kept you from getting injectables, there is a tool that may help make the process more comfortable.

Nurse Hanlin now uses an anesthetic vibration device to pre-stimulate nerves before inserting the needle. Pre-stimulation of the nerves may help to lessen any discomfort.

Texas Vein and Aesthetics / Hair Restoration Center of Frisco, located at 5375 Coit Road in Suite 170, is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday by appointment only, and is closed on Sunday. Visit to learn more about the services offered and how to schedule an appointment.

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