Sara Happ Launches First Ever Clay Lip Mask

Sara Happ, the brand that brought us the first luxury sugar lip scrubs and lip slip balms, just launched the first ever Clay Lip Mask.

Sara Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask, $32. Image credit:

The mask, made with pink bentonite clay, uses self-regenerative stem cell technology to soothe dry lips while plumping and softening them.

The brand suggests that the mask can be used daily for at least two minutes but, leaving it on longer, up to 20 minutes, is also ok.


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For six years, I have been a proud supporter of the Sara Happ collection of lip care products. I appreciate Sara Happ, the woman, for being so innovative and for leading a lip care revolution.

For now, I am on the fence about this product. In my opinion, it is too soon to call it a “must-have game changer” and, it is too soon to simply dismiss it. When I learned of this product, my head filled with questions – lots of questions!

The mask looks like cake frosting! Image credit: Sara Happ/Instagram

I will be trying the product to evaluate it and to answer those questions. Be on the lookout for a second piece in the coming weeks.

Ready to get your hands on this lip mask?! Head over to the Sara Happ website to order it right away…before it sells out.


4 responses to “Sara Happ Launches First Ever Clay Lip Mask

    • I am as well. Lip masks in general are not new. But the fact that bentonite clay and stem-cell technology are key players in this formulation, really makes this product totally worth trying.

        • The price IS a concern for me too. I was shocked when I saw it. Made me cringe a bit. At $32, it’s almost as expensive as a Dior Addict Lip Glow – $33. Now with Dior, you are paying mostly for the name. We will see if this lip mask is worth it, or not.

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