Hurts Donuts Frisco: Are They Worth The Wait?

Hurts Donuts Frisco, likely the second most anticipated opening in that neck of the woods (next to the brand-spankin’ new world headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys), has garnered extremely long lines with wait times north of two hours.

But are they worth the long wait?

Here are some Hurts Donuts facts:

– The brand was created in Springfield, Missouri by Kas and Tim Clegg.

– Each shop rotates stock of 70 varieties of oversized doughnuts, as well as giant cinnamon rolls, fritters, long johns and sausage kolaches. You can also get a milkshake with a donut on the straw.

– The Frisco location is franchised and operated by Frisco residents, husband and wife Keith and Cheryl Selby.

– Keith is the uncle of the brands co-founder Kas Clegg.

– Every shop has a Whambulance, a doughnut-themed wrapped ambulance that is used to make deliveries of 100 or more doughnuts. 10% of the proceeds from each Whambulance order will go to charity.

Now back to my original question: Are they worth the long wait?

Yes – I totally think they are! Put on a good pair of shoes, get a bottle of water to keep hydrated and go get in line at 3288 Main Street…NOW! They are open 24/7.

Here’s the deal, before visiting Hurts, I read reviews where people were saying “the donuts are too big”, “they are too sweet”, “they have too many to choose from”.


I was unaware that donuts had to be of a certain size to be acceptable. I don’t get that at all! One Hurts donut is likely double the size if a typical donut. Consider the size a bonus for your appetite.

Now, if you don’t like a sweet donut, eat a piece of bread. I don’t know why anyone would complain about a donut being sweet. 🙄 Next! I feel like these donuts are really more like a dessert than breakfast food. I’d rather see a Hurts donut on my dessert plate vs starting my day with it. They are rich and one donut is a big wallop of sugar at one time.

A donut is a donut. It’s hard to make them really stand out. I think Hurts does a great job at having a large selection of donuts to choose from. Chocolate donuts or vanilla donuts that they top with things like chocolate sauce and cookies or icing and candy are easy to see in the case. But they also offer other donuts with blueberry mixed in the batter, filled donuts, donuts with Nutella or fruit centers…you get the point. Get what you like! If you like Oreos – get the donut with Oreos on it. If you like German chocolate, get the German chocolate donut. Don’t let the large selection bother you. It’s not rocket science. They are just donuts and they all want to be eaten!

I remember when Krispy Kreme blew up in Dallas. People said their donuts were too small and too sweet. So you can’t please everyone. Anyway…

So what do you expect to pay?

If you want to select your dozen, you pay $15.

If you let the staff select your dozen, you pay $12.

If you want to select your half-dozen, you’ll pay $10.

If you let the staff selected your half-dozen, you get it for $7.

Single donuts ring in from $1 for a glaze up to $2 for a speciality option.

Apple Fritters are $3

Cinnamon Rolls are $5.

Maple Bacon Long Johns are $3.

Regular Long Johns are $2.

A dozen doughnut holes go for $2.

On my next visit I plan to try the “Fire in the Hole” donut holes – donut holes filled with jalapeño cream cheese, then topped with a sriracha glaze. YES!!! Get in my belly!!

Slider image credit: Visit Frisco Twitter 


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