Dallas Off the Clock: 3 Must-Try Dirty Martinis

Welcome to Dallas Off the Clock, a weekly column that highlights some of Dallas’ most innovative, exciting, and delicious cocktails.

This week’s guide (the result of a reader request) highlights my all-time favorite cocktail – the dirty martini. Each one of the featured drinks below is unique and delicious. I hope you try them all yourself.

Image credit: Terilli’s/Facebook

Dirty Gray Goose, Terilli’s – Dallas

You won’t find this dirty martini on the menu, but word-of-mouth chatter about it has it on everyone’s list to try. What’s in it is simple: Gray Goose vodka and olive juice are shaken, poured into a chilled glass and served with blue cheese stuffed (or regular) olives. It sounds basic, but it’s perfectly chilled and goes down easy.


Image credit: Houlihan’s

Bacon Bleu Cheese Martini, Houlihan’s – Dallas

A dirty martini pairs well with cheese stuffed olives, but what about olives stuffed with cheese and bacon?! Chopin potato vodka and olive juice are shaken and garnished with olives that have been hand stuffed in-house with gorgonzola cheese and chopped brown sugar candied bacon for a unique twist of flavors.


Image credit: Pop Goes the City

Hot & Dirty Martini, Maguire’s – Dallas

Add a little spice to your dirty martini. Monopolowa vodka infused with jalapeños and olive juice are shaken and poured into a chilled glass and garnished with blue cheese stuffed (or regular) olives.

Scoop: I requested the creation of this drink because I love a dirty martini and I love a spicy martini. I didn’t see why I couldn’t have the two things I love in one drink. If you want to try it – ask the bartender for it.