5 Beauty Routine Mistakes Everyone Makes & How To Fix Them


A beauty routine is a trial and error process. Everybody makes mistakes, but in beauty you can fix them.

The problem is that we tend to make the same beauty mistakes time and time again, before realizing that maybe we are doing more harm that good. Let’s examine the error of our ways with tips from skincare, makeup and hair industry leaders on how to fix them.

Using dirty makeup brushes and old makeup

Dirty makeup brushes are the breeding ground for bacteria that causes acne, eye infections and a litany of other skin issues. “Wash your brushes weekly with a bit of water and shampoo. Once you get into the habit, it only takes seconds. Throw out any broken or old products. I know it’s hard to say goodbye to your favorite lipstick or eyeliner, but there are plenty of beautiful products on the market. You’ll find your newest makeup crush in no time,” says celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma of Honey Makeup Artists.

Not using retinol

You are never to young for anti-aging products and every skin type can exfoliate. The build up of dead skin cells leads to a dull-looking complexion. “Retinol is one of the most important ingredients – it promotes healthy cell turnover and turns back the clock,” says Kate Somerville of KateSomerville.com.

Using too much of a product

Be careful of how you apply hair products. Many products, like conditioner, do not need to be applied to the roots of the hair. This weighs hair down and creates oily buildup. “When applying hair products, some use too much at one time and are applying it at the root of the hair. For example, if you’re using an anti frizz serum, apply it on mids and ends first and more sparingly. Nothing looks worse than goopy, greasy hair. Also, this save time and money,” says Davey Partain, Hairstylist at Kennaland.

Wearing the wrong foundation shade

The back of the hand is never a good place to test and match a complexion product. You will likely always walk away with the wrong shade or a shade that does not work on your skin in the current season. “Having only one shade of foundation, face powder and concealer no matter what the season is just not enough. I recommend getting 2 shades (1 a bit darker than the other) as our skin color changes depending on how much sun exposure we get,” says celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma of Honey Makeup Artists.

Stacking too many skincare product 

Be aware of the ingredients in all of the products you are using. If you are using treatment products, know which can be combined and which you should avoid mixing, like slathering on a vitamin C serum after an alpha hydroxy peel. These are both acid and could lead to redness and irritation. “Using too many products – can cause sensitivities. Over using or mixing products can cause [negative skin] reactions,” says Kate Somerville of KateSomerville.com.