Loopy: The Cellphone Case With Major Benefits

Loopy Cases want to StoptheDrop™!

Image via loopycases.com

It’s happens to us all. You get a new phone and not too long after, you drop it. A drop does not always result in damage, but it still gives a scare.

A dropped phone led to the development of Loopy Cases, a cleverly designed, slim protective case with holes for an interchangeable loop on the back.

When the Loopy Cases Kickstarter campaign closed, this brilliant idea had been funded over 450%. In short, people loved the concept and wanted the product in the marketplace.

Enjoy my quick Q & A with brand CEO & Co-founder JT Wangercyn, where he gives me the full scoop on how Loopy Cases came to be, how customer feedback has improved the product and what’s next for the brand.

I understand that Loopy Cases is a family endeavor. Tell me about the motivation to create such an innovative product.
Back in 2012, our Dad upgraded to his first smartphone ever: a brand new iPhone 4s. Moments after upgrading, he dropped his phone and cracked the screen.

Embarrassed, he brought the phone back and paid the $100+ bill to repair the screen. He then bought an expensive, bulky case for his new, slippery device. He hated this case. It was bulky, taking away from the sleek finish his new state of the art smartphone once had. Not only that, but it was uncomfortable to use and felt like a brick in his pocket. He soon took it back to exchange for an affordable slim case.

He loved the slim case. It kept the slim style of his phone and was a pleasure to use… until he dropped it. Luckily the screen didn’t crack this time, but he knew this wasn’t enough protection for his device. So, with a little headphone wire and some electrical tape, the first Loopy was born. Ever since, we’ve been propelling forward to make the best case on the market that the user wants!

Why was a slim design case important to you all?
Nobody wants to wear a helmet or battle armor all day long. Why do the same for your device? Bulk is unnecessary; especially when roughly a third of all drops occur just because the device falls out of the user’s hand(s). We aimed to stop that from happening, which enables the possibility of making Loopy with an extremely balanced protective outer shell that is super comfortable and user-friendly, but still protective enough for every day bumps and bruises.

You guys are filling an important need. Loopy Cases makes it easy to hold and to use smartphones without dropping the device. What has the response from the public been like?
We designed this case from the ground up based on thousands of user reviews. We reviewed every case we could get a hold of. We’d develop Loopy, launch it, then hit the ground running with feedback. This has led us to the design we have now, which has achieve higher ratings than some of the top cases out there by professional reviewers. One professional reviewer even coined it his favorite case.

More importantly, our customer base has given this case over a 90% approval rate. As a matter of fact, out of the hundreds of reviews on our website for Loopy, the word “love” is used at least once. How cool is that?!?

What’s next for Loopy Cases? New colors, new designs?
Haha, we have some top-secret plans to launch some cool stuff soon. I think I’ll leave it a surprise for now, though I will say that anything launched will have been developed with the help of our customer’s feedback and suggestions. Those signed up for the Loopy In-the-Loop newsletter will be the first to know.

Ready to get Loopy? Check out their website to find the Loopy Case for your phone.