Sheet Masks Get An Upgrade

Sheet masks are coveted by beauty enthusiasts for their ease of use and amazing results. Even celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and James Franco have posted selfies sporting sheet masks, thus legitimizing to the rise of K-beauty (Korean beauty) in the United States.

Until recently, sheet masks have typically been made of cloth or paper. But an emerging brand called STARSKIN is changing all of that, giving the sheet mask an upgrade.

Even the packaging has star quality!

After working extensively with dermatologists, estheticians and makeup artists-to-the-stars, STARSKIN co-founders Nicole Arnoldussen and Paul Hendriks have uncovered the true secrets behind celebrity skin, and have merged them with the K-beauty phenomenon.

Made of an all-natural bio-cellulose, STARSKIN’s thin, breathable masks boast a list of benefits to rival its previous-generation (cloth and paper) sheet masks, for example:

1. Its amazing fluid-holding capacity of up to 100 times its dry weight helps it to remain moisture-laden for much longer than conventional masks.

2. Super-fine microfibers (about 500 times smaller than those found in fabric masks) ensure the mask has a closer contact with the skin and cling to every pore and crease. This helps the serum to be more easily absorbed.

3. The tightly woven microfibers create an effective barrier between air and the skin, helping the serum to penetrate 50% deeper into the skin than conventional masks. This barrier also keeps the inside of the mask moist for longer, making our masks 2-3 times more hydrating than conventional masks.

4. Perfect skin-tight fit for every face shape, won’t slide around or drip – giving the wearer freedom of movement.

Each mask contains 30ml of serum to help recharge the skin and deliver the best possible results.

I really like these masks because they are so saturated with product and they lay on the skin well. Post mask, my skin felt soft and hydrated and looked revitalized.

At the moment, STARSKIN masks are sold through ASOS, which delivers to the US. I have been informed that the brand will be available for purchase in the US very soon.

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Disclaimer: This posted is powered by STARSKIN. Product samples were provided for testing.