your new wake up juice: glotrition

Everyone wants a refreshed, firm, youthful looking appearance, and there is no beauty product or service we would deny, if we felt it would give us the skin we wanted.

Lisa PineiroNews veteran Lisa Pineiro is the founder of Dallas-based brand, Glotrition. Glotrition, an ingestible collagen elixir, was created to give men and women a more effective* collagen delivery option.

From the Glotrition website:

Collagen is the support system that makes up 75% of your skin.  It’s what keeps your skin firm, plump, and youthful. But as you age, your natural collagen production slows down significantly.

How do we compensate for this loss of collagen? We use topical creams and serums to firm and plump our skin; however, there is another option.

Ingestible collagen elixirs are not new or a fad; they have been a mainstay in Asian beauty for many years. In recent times, U. S. – based brands have started to gain traction, sharing this beauty technology.

GlotritionGlotrition features antioxidants, a cellular nutrition compound and 2.5 grams of Verisol –  a patented ingestible collagen peptide. This collagen peptide is easily absorbed and has been proven to increase collagen by 65% in 60 days, with increased firmness in just 30 days*. (Find the research here. Results are not typical and are based on the subjects in the study.)

I have been drinking Glotrition for 3 weeks and I have to admit, I was a bit reluctant to try it because it is a deviation from the norm. It is easy to slather on a cream and watch for results (I have some pretty powerful creams in my beauty stash!) and I was unsure if Glotrition would produce any results for me…I was wrong. I am seeing firmer skin, particularly around the eyes and lips, with an overall beautiful, healthy glow.

In our quest to maintain a youthful appearance, we invest in a bevy of topical aids – eye creams, face creams, serums and oils – to lift, firm and plump our skin. When the trending product fails to produce the results we expect or want, we head back to the cosmetic department in search of another. It’s time to consider a different way to achieve the skin we desire.

Ready to try Glotrition? Find it locally at Grand Spa, The Ritz Carlton and Hiatus Spa. Glotrition can also be order online here.

*This comment based on research and results are not typical.
Images via Lisa Pineiro, photo credits unknown.