luxepineapple introduces namesake makeup collection

LuxePineapple, the Austin-based unsubscription beauty box I introduced you guys to in March (read here), has launched a cosmetics collection that is creating a lot of beauty buzz.


While planning to debut lip gloss as the first item from the collection, Pineapple Queen Liz, reached out to the Pineapple Community, dubbed “Pineapple Lovelies”, for motivating words. The “Pineapple Lovelies” had no idea that they were submitting name suggestions for the brands pending lip gloss collection.

From Liz:

The LuxePineapple Collection Lip Glosses were named by our Pineapple Community via social media. We asked them to give us their favorite motivational single words that best describe the Pineapple Lovelies. The group didn’t know they were naming the inaugural shades! We used the most submitted words as the gloss names.

Fearless, Confident and Vivacious are some of the names that grace the brands inaugural lip glosses. It was a wonderful idea to reach out to their customer base to name their first product; and, I can only image the joy “Pineapple Lovelies” felt when the news broke and the names were revealed.

Since launching the lip gloss collection, LuxePineapple has released lip liner, eyeliner and brow pencils. The brand is working on more product launches in the near future including baked eyeshadow trios and matte lipsticks!!!

From Liz:

Our goal has always been to provide the best products at the best possible prices. The LuxePineapple Collection is another way we’re able to meet the needs and wants of our community. We are able to develop high performing products and offer them at the higher end of drug store pricing. We look at the LuxePineapple Collection as classic and must-have items, the products you use daily: eye liners, brow liners and brow powders, lip glosses and soon-to-be-released baked shadow trios, a selection of classic shades with some fun pops of color mixed in to offer the ability to try a bolder shade without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to shop the LuxePineapple Collection? Pricing is competitive and very reasonable, starting at $13. Check out the collection online here.

Scoop: I’ve been testing one of the soon-to-be-released matte lipsticks and…I love it!!!

All images provided by LuxePineapple. Photo credit: Anthony Checetto.