interview: nadia mansour, creator of ouish boutique

In May, I introduced you guys to Ouish Boutique in a review post on how the brand is reinventing bath-time with their signature Bath Muffins.

Ouis Creator Nadia MansourRecently, I got an opportunity to connect with Nadia Mansour, the creator behind this amazing brand, for a one-on-one. Enjoy my interview with Nadia where she dishes on what inspires her, the public response to her collection and what’s next for Ouish.

Pop Goes the City: What inspired you to launch your own line of bath and beauty products?

Nadia Mansour: My interest in creating bath & body products started about 5 years ago when I started delving more into the world of developing my own formulas. I spent years researching, learning, and developing products through trial and error until I perfected each and every one of my recipes. At different stages of my journey, I would have a lot of friends and family try out the products that I was creating. With their continuous positive feedback and demand for more products, I decided that it was time for me to take this to a whole new level. This was the moment when Ouish was born and I have not looked back ever since. Creating bath & body products has been and will always be my greatest passion in life.

PGTC: How has the public embraced your collection?

NM: I always get the most unbelievably kindhearted responses from my followers and customers about Ouish, which is one of my greatest accomplishments! Their support is the main force that keeps me going on this long and exciting journey with Ouish. The public embraces Ouish through our unique product lineup, which is fun, applicable, and effective. My constant communication with my customers through social media and other avenues has received positive praise, as it allows my customers to not only get to know Ouish as a company, but they also get to know the person behind the brand on a personal level.

wpid-dsc2002.jpgPGTC: I am a big fan of your bath muffins, eye serum and day moisturizer. I think your scent combinations and formulas are amazing. What inspires you to create a product – say the bath muffins?

NM: One of my biggest inspirations with Ouish is that I always strive to go above and beyond to create unique and high-end bath and body products that everyone can enjoy. I always try to think of ways that I can make products better and more appealing to the end-user hence, the Bath Muffins. Our bath muffins were developed out my love for Milk Baths. I didn’t want to create a product that was common and so I went outside to box to give the end-user a duo product. Our Bath Muffins are a combination between a high-end Milk Bath and a buttery Bath Truffle! Combined with our unique way of using them you have yourself a really luscious bathing experience.

PGTC: Independent beauty brands are really growing in popularity with the public. Why do you think that is?

NM: From personal experience, I believe that the main reason independent beauty brands are growing so much in popularity is due to the fact that we strive to create innovative products, made with top of the line ingredients that you might not see elsewhere. Another important aspect that I have noticed with Ouish is the utter importance of growing customer/owner relationships. I take time out of each day to converse with my followers and customers on a personal level. This personal touch and communication allows me to see whom my customer base is, while also enabling me to plan out future Ouish products through their honest feedback. One of the most stimulating components of establishing an individual relationship with my customers is that I am able to hear delicate, personal stories about my products and their impact on not only the initial end-user, but also other family members that have found joy from my creations. This is probably the most important aspect to Ouish and other independent beauty brands, as growing a following that will trust and stand by the amazing products that you make and believe in is crucial to moving your business forward. The personal interactions ensure that the clientele remains engaged with your business, while also providing an avenue to acknowledge their feedback.

Ouish BoutiquePGTC: What’s next for Ouish?

NM: We have some very exciting products planned for Ouish! Some of these include USDA Certified Organic products, as well as our continued pursuit to provide the public with rare and unique oils within our formulas in hopes of enhancing the everyday life of a customer. One of these oils includes Prickly Pear Seed Oil, which is all the rage in Europe and in the Middle East. If you are interested to find out more, make sure you to follow us because you are going fall in love with what we have planned!

Are you ready to check out all of the wonderful handcrafted beauty products Ouish offers? Visit Ouish Boutique online to discover your new addiction.

Images via Ouish Boutique. Credit unknown.