interview: what’s trending in spring hair with blaine schlaudt, stylist and owner of blaine’s dallas in uptown

As seasons change, so do hair trends. Recently I sat down to talk about what’s in and what’s out for the season with Blaine Schlaudt, one of Dallas’ most sought-after celebrity stylists and owner of Blaine’s Dallas.


Pop Goes the City: What hair trends from fall and winter are staying and what new trends are coming in for spring?

Blaine Schlaudt: Well, I will say first and foremost that ombre is absolutely out. My feeling on it is if you are still going to someone who is giving you a ombre look, you need to reevaluate who your hairdresser is. Those dip dyes and ombre looks are really dated.

I would suggest to a client wanting ombre something called sombre. Sombre is very subtle, creating a graduation of highlights from roots to ends. The French hair coloring technique called balayage is in. It’s a nice way to get lighter ends but it’s a more natural look.

PGTC: The sombre look sounds beautiful! What else is new in hair this season? I’ve heard the coming undone look to ponytails and braids is really a big thing.

BS: The braids are still really big but what I’m seeing everybody do is the lob – the long bob with really textured ends. Jennifer Aniston did it, Katy Perry did it before she cut all of her hair off.

As far as color, I’m seeing a lot of multi-dimensional hues like highlighting techniques blending warm with ash. Generally, you wouldn’t do that on the same head of hair, but blending the two gives a really interesting vibe to the hair.

PGTC: Say someone comes to the salon for the lob you spoke about earlier. What products from your collection would you suggest they take home to use to maintain the look?

BS: I would say start with our French Argan Oil – it’s a heat protectant. Then go with our  Smooth Reaction – it’s a light hold lotion that gives a really smooth look. Lastly, go with Ribbons – it’s a texture paste that gives a nice finish to the ends of the hair.

PGTC: What’s next for Blaine’s Dallas?

BS: We will be having our two-year anniversary in August. That’s the biggest thing coming up. We gonna have a big throw down for that.

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Blaine, and his wife Sharon, run a beautiful full-service salon that is radically transforming the beauty scene in DallasAre you ready to try a new hairstyle or color for spring? Visit the salon website to book an appointment with Blaine or one of the other super talented stylists at Blaine’s Dallas.

First image via Photo credit: unknown. Second image via Blaine’s Dallas. Photo credit: Studio Rocket Science.