pick of the week: luxe makeup brushes that won’t break the bank

I am pleased to announce, Pop Goes the City feature and reader favorite, Pick of the Week has returned! This mid-week feature touts products, services and anything else I think you need to know about. Enjoy my picks!

bd-set-09luxst24-02_2Quality makeup brushes can be expensive, starting at $18 and up per brush.

Recently I was introduced to Bdellium Tools, professional anti-bacterial and eco-friendly makeup brushes at an affordable price.

The brand offers a few different lines to choose from:

Maestro – their top of the line anti-bacterial collection starting at $10 per brush

Studio – anti-bacterial collection starting at $8 per brush

Travel – travel sized anti-bacterial collection starting at $8 per brush

Bamboo – eco-friendly (vegan synthetic bristles & bamboo handles) collection that comes in green, yellow, pink or purple starting at $8 per brush

Special FX – eco-friendly special effects collection starting at $8 per brush

Single brushes are available in each of the lines, but the full brush sets are a great value. The set shown above is the Studio Luxury 24pc. Brush Set with Roll-up Pouch. Cost: $165…about $6.88 per brush!

Lead image courtesy of bdelliumtools.com.

What are your thoughts?

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