happy hands, the original uv nail glove

Happy HandsLove a gel manicure but hate having your hands under the UV lamp?

Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove, aims to protect your hands while gel polish cures under the UV lamp.

From the Happy Products website:

Happy Hands ™ is made with a unique UV ray inhibitor coated fabric that is thoroughly tested at an independent lab to ensure each glove meets or exceeds our UPF 40+ standard. This UPF 40+ rating means that it blocks 98%+ of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our glove packaging has the UPF rating and the percentage UV rays blocked for every glove we manufacture.

Happy Hands ™ has a UV ray inhibitor coating that adheres to all published American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Standards, FTC Regulations and US Testing protocols. This UV coating is effective at absorbing and blocking UV light. It has been developed with safe specialized UV-disrupting compounds that help boost the gloves UPF rating.

For more information about how Happy Hands work, click here.

Ladies, it’s time to have a talk with our nail salons about selling these gems. I am not giving up the gel manicure anytime soon, and; I am thinking of placing a pre-order to get a pair.

Lead image via shophappyproducts.com.