@leslietypes: pop goes the city gets a facelift

image via theexplosivegeneration.com

image via theexplosivegeneration.com

I love when a plan comes together. Now it wasn’t a well thought out plan, however; last weekend I decided to change my blog template and to my delight, it turned out great!

What do you think?!

My favorite element of the blog facelift is the custom header created by CeCe, Owner/Designer at Color Crush Creative. She created a header that really fits the new look of Pop Goes the City and she was super fast. I had my finished header uploaded in about 24 hours after purchase.

If you are looking for any graphic design work or if you blog on Blogger and need a template, I suggest you check out Color Crush Creative on Etsy. CeCe’s designs are great and they won’t break the bank.



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