interview: lamarcus holloway, designer of NeQ bow ties

LaMarcus Holloway

image via LaMarcus Holloway

The bow tie takes center stage for up and coming fashion designer, LaMarcus Holloway.

LaMarcus turns the classic styling of a bow tie on its ear with bold color choices and patterns that have people talking.  This 21-year-old designer – operation his company under the name NeQ — pronounced \ˈnek\ – has found a great market for his unique, affordable bow tie collections.

Enjoy my interview with LaMarcus where he dishes on the fabrics he uses, who he’d love to see wearing his bow ties and his future plans as a designer.

Pop Goes the City: Tell me about NeQ?

LaMarcus Holloway: I started NeQ in July 2013. My bow ties are made for the everyday man. With that in mind, I mostly use cotton fabrics for versatility. The ties can be packed and cleaned easily. I also use brocade fabrics. Currently, my clientele is mostly college students. My price point, $15 each, is perfect for college students.


Bold…but beautiful!

PGTC: Your color and fabric choices are very bold!

LH: Yes, they are! My more neutral colors sell well too but, people gravitate to bold. People gravitate to shine. The tie does not need to match every part of the outfit. The tie is a complement to the outfit. This is why bold works. Also, when I use fabric with pattern, you can never really tell what the full pattern is in most cases. I do this on purpose.

PGTC: Who would you like to see wearing your bow ties?

LH: Will Smith and Ralph Lauren, among others. Ralph Lauren is a huge inspiration to me. We started out the same way.

image via LaMarcus Holloway

image via LaMarcus Holloway

PGTC: Do you plan to branch out into other accessories or even clothing?

LH: Yes! Women’s wear is where my long-term focus is. One of the dresses I designed was recently in a local fashion show. That was really exciting for me!

I had the best time meeting LaMarcus. His personality is as bold as his bow ties but he is serious about his business as a designer. I think he is one to watch on the Dallas design scene!

LaMarcus accepts custom requests so, check out the NeQ Facebook Page to see more images of his work.

Scoop: In 2015, LaMarcus will be working on a home collection! Needless to say, it will be bold and inspiring.