blinkbar coming to blaine’s dallas

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LA’s hottest lash studio, Blinkbar, is setting up shop inside Blaine’s Dallas!

Everyone knows Blaine’s Dallas for their stellar professional hair and skin care services. Now, they are teaming up with Blinkbar to offer customers ah-mazing eyelash extensions.

Sharon Schlaudt, Blaine’s Dallas Owner & Salon Coordinator is very excited about the partnership.

At Blaine’s our business model is to offer all beauty needs under one roof. We are a full service salon that offers everything from hair, make up, spray tanning, skin care, waxing, teeth whitening, and Botox and Juvederm with our Plastic Surgeon. We pride ourselves on only using the best products so it only made sense to partner with BlinkBar to add eyelash extensions to the growing list of services we offer. Blaine’s Dallas was nominated in the Best of Big D 2014 for best hair salon and BlinkBar was nominated in The Best of Big D 2014 for best lash studio so I think this partnership speaks for itself. The BlinkBar is an established national lash studio with multiple locations and now they are located in Uptown inside Blaine’s Dallas.

In heavy preparation for the start of services at Blaine’s Dallas, Tirzah Shirai, Blinkbar Owner, took a brief moment to dish on her brand philosophy, what Blaine’s Dallas customers can expect and their most popular lash looks.

Pop Goes the City: What is the Blinkbar philosophy on eyelash extensions?

Tirzah Shirai: We believe no two eyes are the same and your look should be custom created for you. Life is short but your lashes don’t have to be.

PGTC: What sets Blinkbar apart from other lash studios?

TS: We have an exclusive European technique, we have the most extensive training in the industry, and over 300 types of lashes so we can really customize your look.

PGTC: Tell me about why you think so many ladies have fallen in love with Blinkbar?

TS: Thank you. We were voted #1 in LA because of our commitment to quality – we offer the only guarantee in the industry. I think before we came along, women just didn’t know what to expect – I saw a lot of bad lashes. We have a no advertising policy at Blinkbar, we rely on word of mouth almost exclusively.  When a clients gets her first set with us we usually hear something along the lines of “I can’t even feel them”. That is how is should be.

We are so excited to partner with Blaine’s, you can expect our same commitment to customer service and quality that have made us the #1 lash spot in LA.

PGTC: You have so many lash looks to choose from. Which are your most popular?

TS: I would say Kat’s Out of the Bag, and our Tickled Mink.

Lash lovers, are you ready for this?! Blinkbar is scheduled to begin services at Blaine’s Dallas this week. Prices range from $89 to $350, with most lash looks priced at $89. Super affordable and easy online scheduling via Blinkbar’s website will make this your best lash experience ever!  Click here to book your appointment!