all about beauty week interview: kathy & char of bella lash boutique

BLSI receive a lot of correspondence from readers asking questions on a range of topics from what’s happening this weekend to where they can get something I’ve mentioned.

One of the most frequently received emails in my inbox is about lash extensions. Every lady wants them, but first, they have lots of questions about them.

Recently I had a chance to chat with Kathy and Char of Bella Lash Studio located inside of City Salon Suites & Spa in Plano. I was able to watch how lash extensions are applied, while getting their thoughts on why women love lash extensions and how Kathy and Char have taken the education they received working under an industry leader, to develop a growing business of their own.

Kathy and Char have a combined 10+ years of experience in lash extensions and permanent cosmetics. They are licensed lash stylists, certified advanced lash specialists, certified permanent makeup artists and certified in airborne pathogens. They cut their teeth training and working under the personal tutelage of Anna Phillips, CEO and founder of The Lash Lounge. These ladies have stepped out on their own with the purpose of giving women what they want – timeless beauty with quality and safety at the center of what they do.

As most know the lash extension application process starts with cleaning the natural lashes to remove any dirt or oil…especially oil, as it would prohibit the adhesive bond. Then a lash designs is created based on the desires of the client.

Let’s face it ladies, lash extensions are hugely popular and they instantly make the eyes look awake. “Lash extensions save women time when getting ready in the morning and they are instant gratification. A client may be having a bad day but once we are finished with their refill, they are happier”, said Char.

Bella Lash Studio uses top of the line products from Xtreme Lash and JB Cosmetics. They offer a sensitive adhesive option that really works well for clients who cannot handle the use of regular adhesive due to general sensitivity or fumes. Kathy and Char are also focused on keeping the experience of getting lash extensions clean, safe and worry free by openly placing sanitizing materials at their work stations and using a sanitized set of tools on each client.

Many are probably wondering like I was: How long is the life of an eyelash?

“Natural lashes have a 60 to 90 day life and when lash extensions are done right, clients will not have all their natural lashes fall out to never grow back again”, said Kathy.

This is good news because many believe that lash extensions cause natural lashes to fall out. Before lash extensions are applied, a good lash technician will evaluate the look a client is trying to achieve, as well as their natural lashes. The natural lash must able to support the extention…if it cannot, the natural lash will shed before its time, due to weight. This is bad for your lash follicles and can cause irreparable damage.

“We saw that we were getting a lot of clients coming in from other lash studios with bad lash extensions”, said Char. Kathy and Char have developed special pricing to help these clients. This special pricing is aimed at helping to rescue clients lashes at a fair price based on need. “We look at the lashes and offer the client options. We may suggest they return to the original studio to have the lashes removed and return to us for a new set or we may remove them ourselves and apply a new set. Each situation is different and it really depends”, said Kathy.

During my visit to Bella Lash Studio, I was able to meet one of their long time clients. When Kathy finished her refill, she looked revived, refreshed and ready to face the world!

Ready to get lashed yourself? Contact Bella Lash Studio at 214-478-8465 to schedule your appointment. We just may bump into each other one day…getting our lashes done!