12 days of gifting: stainless steel bill fold at speranza design gallery

Steward/Stand Stainless Steel Bill Fold in Herringbone- $68 image via speranzaonline.com

Steward/Stand Stainless Steel Bill Fold in Herringbone $68
image via speranzaonline.com

Stainless steel bill fold?! Yep!

Steward/Stand wallets are well-known for their thin, low profile, super soft touch designs composed of a specialized industrial stainless steel fabric. Is this not the most unique bill fold you have ever seen?!

From the Steward/Stand website:

Among the benefits of these wallets is their ability to prevent credit card fraud by blocking communication by RFID enabled smart cards and passports.

A bill fold with benefits! Your guy is sure to love it!

Find Steward/Stand Stainless Steel Bill Folds at Speranza Design Gallery on West Park Boulevard in Plano. Visit the store and shop the full assortment of Steward/Stand stainless steel bill fold designs.