12 days of gifting: rock-it 3.0 portable vibration speaker

Rock-It 3.0 - $19.99 image via origaudio.com

Rock-It 3.0 – $19.99
image via origaudio.com

If you are a “Shark Tank” fan, you already know about the Rock-It 3.0 Portable Vibration Speaker.

This device turns anything into a speaker by sending vibrations through the Rock-It pod which sticks to any object…the more hollow the object you place it on, the better the sound quality. Rock-It 3.0 works with any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, has a rechargeable battery and is perfect for traveling or using around the house.

A little birdie told me that men really love this but I think ladies will love this too!

Though not currently sold in retails locations in Dallas, Rock-It 3.0 is available now in various colors online at the ORIGAUDIO website.