Fall & Winter Skincare Tips from D’Andra Simmons, Creator of Hard Night Good Morning Skincare

Proper skin care is still very important during the chilly months of the year.

Recently D’Andra Simmons, creator of the coveted Hard Night Good Morning skincare collection shared some great fall & winter skincare tips for Pop Goes the City readers.

Enjoy her tips and be sure to check out the Hard Night Good Morning skincare collection website!

image via www.npr.org Ilker Canikligil/iStockphoto.com

image via http://www.npr.org
Ilker Canikligil/iStockphoto.com

1. Oil is your friend—type specific, that is! In the winter we are normally drier inside and out, due to the climate change and being subjected to radiators and heating systems indoors where we live and work. While these are essential to our comfort, they can wreak havoc on our skin. Some of the ways I combat the new seasonal surroundings are by sticking to my routine of taking oils internally, and adding them externally to my skin care products and my baths, etc.

I take fish oil and flax oil every day. In addition, I take flax oil in the morning with my breakfast. By the way, 3g of fish oil each day is recommended by dermatologists to stave off acne, psoriasis and eczema. Please note, if you have extreme or persistent dry skin it can sometimes be an early sign of hypothyroidism, sarcoidosis (inflammatory disease), lymphoma or basic essential fatty acid deficiency. In any case, if you have severe or persistent dry skin you need to pay a visit to your physician.

Bathing Beauty:
During the winter months I also take olive oil baths. Take ¼ cup of olive oil and then a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I am an “aromatherapy fiend”, so I have around 50 plus scents to choose from, but the most popular for baths tend to be the relaxing ones like lavender. You can find singular oils and relaxation blends at your local natural market or online. If you are feeling stuffy during the winter months, or have a cold coming on, try adding some eucalyptus. Also, when you are dry you can rub the olive oil into your skin and even use it to moisturize your hair and nails and lips. You don’t have to go to the spa. You can just bring the spa home to your bathroom!

D’Andra’s Take:
Of course, I am partial to my Hard Night Good Morning product, PM Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover. I formulated this product as a quadruple threat to remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize skin and use on dry skin and hair. It is a miracle! In addition to olive oil, it is formulated with a host of other oils including sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, almond oil, tamanu oil, argan oil, frankincense and triphala oil. It is also chock full of antioxidants such as red marine algae and acai. This product is a lifesaver in the winter as well as while traveling. When I was in India for a month this was my go-to product for dryness, and to use on my hair instead of packing extra hair oil…voilà, problem solved!

HNGM Detox Toner

HNGM Detox Toner

2. Seal in the moisture – This is a tip I learned from my dermatologist, and is especially effective in the fall & winter when we are prone to dryness. While skin is damp from the shower and from cleansing, apply moisturizer and it will seal in the moisture. I apply my body lotion/oil in the shower before I dry off.

Prone to Eczema:
This is a dermatological remedy for eczema that is applicable for basic skin care for dryness. If you experience a bout of eczema you should wrap the area of your body with a damp towel and let the water penetrate. Then add cream or moisturizer to skin (also, prescription cortisone creams). Wrap the damp towel around affected area again to let cream penetrate, and then when you remove the towel add a final touch of cream or moisturizer. You can continue to reapply the damp towel and moisturizer combination around 4 times per day if needed, and your eczema (if a temporary bout) should clear up within a few days or a week!

D’Andra’s Take:
For daily skin care after cleansing, use Hard Night Good Morning Detox Toner, and while skin is still damp apply Facial Cocktail Serum, Eye Cream and either Daytime or Nighttime Moisturizer to skin for extra absorption. Your skin will thank you with a healthy moisturizing glow!

3. Foot Detox – The feet are one of the most absorbent places on the body. In fact, I always apply essential oils and cover my feet with socks before I go to bed (they may not stay on all night, but my intention is good). You can also detox your body by soaking your feet in minerals.

D’Andra’s Take:
I prefer Ionic Trace Minerals because they come from a trusted source unlike colloidal minerals, which are ground up rocks and may come from toxic mines. My mother’s company, Ultimate Living, makes a wonderful Ionic Trace Mineral from the Great Salt Lake. Ionic Trace Minerals from various companies are easily available if you ask someone at your local natural/health food store. I use them almost every time I get a pedicure. I just dump the entire bottle in the water and soak, while the technician is working on my feet. Also, I will run a bath and dump bottle of Ionic Trace Minerals in the water with olive oil and just soak. I’m detoxing and moisturizing at the same time! This is especially important to do right after the end of year holiday season when we all tend to indulge in too many holiday drinks and treats! It is a great kick-start to the New Year.

4. Diet is always the answer – In the summertime we have an abundance of fruits and vegetables to choose from that are full of antioxidants to promote healthy skin. In the fall & winter time we tend to eat less produce, but we need just as much, if not more, to keep us healthy and stave off winter illness.

D’Andra’s take:
I am an avid juicer. Each morning I start my day with a green juice of some sort. There are an abundance of recipes on the Internet, and armed with a juicer and a recipe, you can do wonders for your health; for starters, you will never be constipated again!

image via groceryheadquarters.com

image via groceryheadquarters.com

During the fall & winter it is especially important to take (orally) AND apply your vitamins. For skin, especially important and my favorites, are vitamin C, vitamin D, CoQ10, B vitamins, alpha-lipoic acid, and lutein. I also take an anti-aging formula. Topically, best proven bets are vitamin A (retinoids), vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, ferulic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids vitamins B5 and B3 (niacin and the active ingredient that makes my Hard Night Good Morning Facial Cocktail Serum tingle when applied). Bottom line…mom was correct, take your vitamins and eat a healthy diet for glowing skin on the inside and out!

Now…go fourth and be beautiful this fall & winter, ladies!