lashes within your budget at flirty girl lash studio

Lash extensions are still a hot topic, a trend that will not be ending any time soon; but honestly price is what holds many ladies back from jumping on the lash bandwagon. Sometimes it is really hard to justify a $200+ splurge on a beauty treatment. Ladies, I understand! I get it!!

Many have emailed me asking if there are more affordable options in the marketplace that won’t compromise the skill, precision and quality materials required to do lash extensions. I researched several local spots but most have a price point that tends to price out the everyday woman who wants to looks her best, but do it within her budget.

Ladies, I think I have found the answer to how to get beautiful lashes, priced for the everyday women.

Flirty Girl Lash Studio LogoFlirty Girl Lash Studio, owned by Crystal Rockwell, started as a one woman show but growth came fast. Now the studio has 4 employees and has expanded to offer tanning and waxing services. I recently met with Crystal to talk about the creation of Flirty Girl Lash Studio, their price point, their process and the company’s first storefront set to open later this month.

“Prior to opening Flirty Girl Lash Studio, I worked for Saks Corporate but I always had a passion for the beauty industry”, said Rockwell. “My mom worked for over 20 years in the beauty industry.”

After leaving Saks Corporate and completing training to become a licensed esthetician, Rockwell started her career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist. “While working as a makeup artist, I started receiving requests for lashes, so I decided to do some research”, said Rockwell. “When I decided to move forward and do lashes, I was trained by both Novalash and Xtreme Lash”. Novalash and Xtreme Lash are leaders in the eyelash extension industry.

“My goal for Flirty Girl Lash Studio is to make lashes affordable for the everyday women. I started as a mobile business and shortly after I had been mobile for a while, I moved to Mattison Avenue Salon Suites in Frisco. After one month in the salon suites, I was overwhelmed with clients and decided to hire my first employee”, said Rockwell.

Top: Shy Girl Middle: Queen Bee Bottom: Video Vixen

Top: Shy Girl – Middle: Queen Bee – Bottom: Video Vixen

Flirty Girl Lash Studio offers three lash looks – Shy Girl, Queen Bee (the most popular look) & Video Vixen, all for the same price of $89 for regular synthetic lashes. That’s it!

“We use Xtreme Lash products and all of our lash technicians have a minimum of two years experience”, said Rockwell. “We also understand that clients do not have two hours to spend on getting lashes done so, our lash technicians are trained to complete a full set of lashes in one hour.”

The application process begins with cleaning the natural lashes. This removes any dirt or oil…especially oil – that would prohibit the adhesive bond of the lash extension to the natural lash. Then the lash technician designs a lash look based on the clients needs.

Ready to get lashed out?! Find Flirty Girl Lash Studio in their current location at Mattison Avenue Salon Suites on Warren in Frisco. Services are by appointment only at this time. Call 214-404-9345 to schedule a time.

“Flirty Girl Lash Studio will be moving to our first storefront in The Shops at Legacy in Plano in late July so, this is a very exciting time for us”, said Rockwell. “We have not been able to accept walk in traffic, I am looking to hire staff just to handle the walk ins.”

Scoop: Flirty Girl Lash Studio also offers clients the choice of silk, mink, synthetic silk and synthetic mink lashes. For these, prices are slightly higher.

Double Scoop: Yes, ladies, you can get bottom lash extensions too! Flirty Girl Lash Studio is the only place I have seen bottom lashes on the menu of services. Contact them for more details.