drink time: the skinny on skimpy mixers

image via skimpymixers.com

image via skimpymixers.com

Dallas-based beverage company Skimpy Mixers recently burst on the scene with the first “sicle” flavor drink mixers that not only taste great but, help you to drink smart by saving calories.

With flavors like Orangesicle, Berrysicle Lemonade, Pineapplesicle, Skimpy Margarita and Limesicle Sweet N’ Sour each mixer ranges between 15 to 45 calories and 0 to 7 grams of sugar per serving.  Add your favorite vodka, whiskey for a whiskey sour or try the mixers virgin with seltzer and ice for a low-calorie drink experience.

I have sampled all five flavors and I love them all but my favorite is Pineapplesicle.  I am dying to try it blended with coconut vodka or rum for a low-cal piña colada.

Find your favorite flavor at one of several area adult beverage locations – Hasty, Buckhorn, Goody LiquorSigels and over 70 boutiques to name a few.  If you can’t find a Skimpy Mixers display at your favorite adult beverage location, ask them why…they should be selling it!  You can also purchase Skimpy Mixers by the case direct from the brands website or by the bottle at any of their sampling events.