fall fashion for women

Ahhhh, fall! My favorite season of the year: the leaves falling, the weather getting cooler, and of course all the wonderful cozy and comfy clothes! This season is all about the chic, laid-back, yet well put together look.

Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking and planning your wardrobe.

Think chic blazer paired with ankle length straight jeans and a slouchy leopard t-shirt style sweater.

Who doesn’t love a perfect fit pair of jeans and a slouchy top? This is a perfect look to put together on a chilly morning.

image via zappos.com

The must-have for the season is anything in oxblood aka maroon…or burgundy…whatever you want to call it. Be it a pair of inexpensive heels from Forever 21 or a true fashion investment from Neiman Marcus, get some oxblood in your wardrobe fast! 

Black jeans, black top, oxblood leather jacket, and a gray scarf; it’s as simple as that to create a sexy, high fashion look.

Forget all the past fashion rules, this is the year to break them! Pay no attention to the old saying that white can’t be worn after Labor Day. This fall we are going to wear white jeans and carry this trend into the winter…aka winter whites.

Tuck a pair of skinny white jeans into perfectly broken-in tan boots, and a top it with a classy, sophisticated tank and a cardigan (a must-have piece for any Texas girl).

Fashion is about taking an adventure so enjoy the ride while developing your signature style this fall.