interview: anna phillips, ceo & founder of the lash lounge

Anna Phillips, CEO & Founder of The Lash Lounge
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I receive several emails a week asking my thoughts on lashes, glue on strips and extensions.  I have never worn lash enhancements so I decided to educate myself on the process, I reached out to Anna Phillips, CEO & Founder of The Lash Lounge.

Phillips, a licensed esthetician, massage therapist, eyelash extension specialist and permanent make-up artist, opened the first Lash Lounge on August 22, 2006 in Colleyville.  Through franchising, the brand has grown to 6 locations however Phillips still owns and operates half of those: Colleyville, Fort Worth and Plano.

The Lash Lounge services include semi-permanent eyelash extensions, permanent make-up and other eye enhancing service such as application of lash strips and brow and lash tinting.  Lash salons also feature the brands super affordable mineral cosmetics line and application brushes.

Anna welcomed me into The Lash Lounge Corporate Office in Grapevine so I could get the skinny on the service women are going crazy for.

Full set of eyelash extensions

Quite frequently, I am asked to give my thoughts on lashes.  I have never worn them before.  What are semi-permanent eyelash extensions and why do you think women love the idea of lash enhancements beyond mascara? 

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic eyelashes that come in various lengths, thickness, and degrees of curl. Technicians attach one synthetic lash extension to each natural lash with medical grade adhesive to create a lash design giving a fuller look.  Mascara can still be worn if she chooses to for extra definition.

Eyelash extensions are a low-maintenance way to wake up the eyes and after the first set, refills only take about 30 minutes so women love the quick, effortless access to beautiful eyes.

This eye has purple lash extensions mixed in. Can you tell?

Tell me about the lash highlighting service and why a women might choose this service?

Lash highlighting is a fun service we offer where we apply colored lashes as part of the eyelash design.  This adds a little spunk with a hint of color to lashes.  This is really catching on!

Lash extensions are an investment, financially and time, for the first set.  What is the proper care and maintenance plan for lash extensions?

Yes, the first set takes about 90 minutes but your eyes are closed the whole time and it can be very relaxing.  When the natural lash sheds, the extension attached to that lash goes too. To keep lashes full, getting a refill every 2-3 weeks is best and that takes as little as 30 minutes or so.

Also, we suggest, to avoid compromising the adhesive, no oil based eye make-up removers be used.

What is next for The Lash Lounge?

Growth, branching out with more locations!

I had the best time interviewing Anna.  She is the authority on lashes and I appreciate her having time to speak with me.  To find The Lash Lounge location nearest you, click here.  Connect with The Lash Lounge on Facebook, as well. Every now and then, they put out a call for ladies to come and sit for new lash technicians.