bright ideas filmmaker on perspectives with ashley berges

I want to tell you all about the great show Ashley Berges has planned for Sunday!

Perspectives with Ashley Berges will have Ronn Head, in the studio round table, discussing film/TV, producing, directing, and his most recent film, Bright Ideas. Ron, who began his career in Houston, will also share about how he got started in the business, his big break, where he finds his inspiration, his favorite production jobs, and much more.

I listen to Ashley’s show ever Sunday and you can too! Tune into Perspectives with Ashley Berges every Sunday at 8pm cst on KLIF 570am. You can also listen online via or on your smartphone via the iHeart Radio app. If you want to join the discussion with a comment, call 888-787-5543.

About the show: Perspectives with Ashley Berges focuses on empowering listeners through insightful discussion on important life and social topics. While guests and contributors provide their perspective on the weekly topics, Ashley offers expert life-changing tools and techniques anyone can implement to make the changes needed to “Live Your True Life”, as the name of her book encourages.