interview: stephanie berman of crystals on fire

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If you haven’t heard of Crystals on Fire, you have been living under a rock! Crystals on Fire, a luxury brand founded over 3 years ago by Stephanie Berman, started as a jewelry line but has evolved into a cutting edge company designing crystallized cell phone cases and accessories local celebrities love.

Last week in my Pick of the Week, I told you about the brands fabulous stylus pens. I am so in love with these…and you should be too!

The Crystals on Fire tagline is “When You Sparkle, YOU Shine” and owner/designer Stephanie Berman lives up to that. Check out my interview with her where she dishes on what inspires her, the celebrities who love her blinged out cell phone cases and what’s next for the brand.

Tell me about Crystals on Fire.

Crystals on Fire is an exciting niche boutique, a branded partner with SWAROVSKI, offering jewelry and crystallized cell phone cases and accessories. I want to create pieces that last forever so I only use SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS flat back crystals, sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, quality leather and durable plastic to create our items. Jewelry design is over half my business but our crystallized cell phone cases and accessories are very popular luxury items as well.

Your designs are innovative. Where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you! I love whimsical designs, swirls, ribbons and things like that. I am inspired by everything. Light shows, concerts or things I see on TV…ideas come from everything and everything catches my eye.

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Do you offer custom designs services? What are the benefits?

Oh, yes we do! I love to do custom work for my customers. Working with a customer on creating a signature piece or cell phone case allows the customer to have the colors, pattern, design they want and they leave happy.

Also, the boutique can accommodate up to 3 people for a small party to create a case or accessory. For parties with up to 10 people, we have our Richardson Headquarters available.

Who are some of your local celebrity clients?

Crystals on Fire has had the pleasure of working with Dee Lincoln, Victoria Snee, Amy Vanderoef, Pat Smith through her Treasure You Retreat and many, many others in the metroplex.

What’s next for Crystals on Fire?

We recently partnered with Villy Customs. Villy Customs, as seen on Shark Tank funded by Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, is a Dallas based luxury lifestyle brand creating custom cruiser bicycles. Crystals on Fire will be offering custom crystallized bike parts and matching accessories on We are really excited about this partnership!

Stephanie shines and I had a wonderful time chatting with her. She has carved out an untapped sector in the accessories market and is making a name for her brand. Her designs are fresh, colorful and highly in demand. The “Diamond” Edition crystallized custom bikes with Villy Customs are uh-mazing and you must check them out!

Now that you know more about Crystals on Fire, head over to the boutique, meet Stephanie and enjoy the “candy store”. Crystals on Fire is located inside Mattison Ave Salon Suites & Spa 1921 Preston Rd., Suite #2066, Room #123 in Plano.