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Facials are a perfect way to relax while addressing skincare needs at the same time.  A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed a facial at Lily Med Spa inside Les Salons de Beaute at Preston and Beltline in Dallas.  Lily Med Spa is a family owned company specializing in advanced skin care, Botox, dermal fillers and laser technology.  After my facial, I had a chance to speak with Tama Tran, Registered Nurse, about the spa mission, most popular services and their exclusive skin care line.

Tell me about the concept and mission of Lily Med Spa?

Our mission is to provide industry leading products and services at affordable prices by a trained medical staff.  At the initial consultation, we will discuss the best treatment plan to achieve the most effective result for a natural looking, beautiful you!

The spa offers an array of services from skin rejuvenation to spot removal to laser treatment to botox and fillers.  What services are most popular?

Botox is the number one popular service at our medspa.  Laser treatments like photofacial and hair removal are second followed by microdermabrasion.  The two things that make the skin look older are dark spots and wrinkles.  Laser treatments like photofacial can take away the hyperpigmentation and fractional resurfacing can take away the wrinkles to keep your skin young and vibrant looking.

Lily Med Spa has developed Lily Dermaceuticals, a private label skin care line, only available in the spa.  The line is used throughout your facials and is recommended for at home maintenance.  Tell me about the product line and how it differs from other skin care lines on the market?

Lily products are derived from Aloe Vera plants with anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in promoting a healthy and youthful appearance.  We recommend our products for home maintenance due to its pharmaceutical efficacy and they are simple to use.

What is the Lily Med Spa philosophy on sunscreen, for all skin types?

The best way to keep your skin looking young is to use sunscreen and stay out of the sun.  Ninety percent of preventable aging is caused by UV exposure, so the importance of SPF is a priority for skin health.

Let’s talk about dermaplaning.  Lily started my facial with dermaplaning.  What is this and why would this be part of a service?

Dermaplaning is the process of scraping away dead skin and facial hairs.  When we combine the process with other treatments, like microdermabrasions or laser treatments, it’s a perfect complement.  Dead skin cells and hair are removed, leaving your complexion smoother and brighter.

Facials, fillers and other beauty treatments are an investment and many wonder how often they should schedule these types of services.  I had the microdermabrasion peel.  Lily suggested this service once a month.  Are most facial treatments monthly or are other time intervals suggested for more intense treatment?

Staying on a one-month schedule would be ideal for all skin care treatments.  The goal is to achieve the best outcome and then to continue maintenance and protection.  For more intense deep peels, twice or three times a year is appropriate depending on skin type.

What are some of the simple ways people can maintain great skin between facials at home?

Your home care regimen should include a cleanser with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) for cellular turnover, serum for night renewal, day moisturizer, and of course sun protection.

This is going to sound like a silly question but, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three skin care products could you not live without?

You know my answer would first be sun protection, then day a moisturizer and lip gloss.

Since my facial, I have been using the Oil-Free Skin Reviving Creme, Phyto Protect Oil-Free SPF 25, and Lip Enhancing Complex from the Lily Dermaceuticals line.  I have oily skin and appreciate a moisture creme that hydrates but is oil free and does not just sit on my skin.  The texture of my skin feels great when I use it!  Also, using the sunscreen is something Tama and Lily both recommended I do.  Not because I have sun damage, because I don’t, but because all skin needs protection.  I use the lip treatment daily, at night under my Sara Happ Lip Slip.  I also sneak and use it after my lip scrubs a couple of times a week for added repair.

For more information about Lily Med Spa or their exclusive skin care line, Lily Dermaceuticals, click the links.