interview with local talent: danielle grubb

Born and raised in Murphy, Danielle Grubb is a talented and humble musician. Not only does she have vocal talent, she plays multiple instruments and you can now add music producer to that list. Finding time in our busy schedule, we were able to chat via Skype about her music, food, and live performances.
What schools have you attended middle school, high school, college, etc.?

I went to Murphy Middle school, that’s in Murphy [Laughs] and I attended Booker T. Washington High of the Performing and Visual Arts. Now I attend college at SUNY Purchase.

When did you start in music and was it an instrument or vocal, first.

I started singing when I was really little, just messing around. Then I started tinkering around with guitar, but I started taking piano lessons when I was 7 or 8 and did that until I was 12. Around that time I took percussion and started doing concert percussion.

I don’t say this very often, but I think that you are so talented. What is your songwriting process?

I pull from a lot of general life experiences, relationships regardless of if it’s just a friend, family member, or significant other. I write things about faith too. Songwriting wise I just have a lot of ideas that I think would be cool and I write it down, or I’ll come up with verses, a lyric or a melody. From there I amp out how I want every instrument to sound. It comes all at once it’s not really a step by step thing.

You have performed at the Door and other local venues.  How did you get on the scene in Dallas?

I started writing songs in the 6th grade and when I got to Booker T. I realized I wanted to play music. Chris went to my middle school, he was the only bass player in a 50 mile radius. I got another kid that I went to middle school with, and we kind of just started playing shows, I just emailed whoever I could and booked everything myself. We booked 2 shows a week. Our first shows were back to back, Friday and Saturday nights.

Let’s talk more about Dallas what’s your favorite restaurant around this area?

I have favorite places to go for certain types of food. My default, I hate to say it, but my default is Café Brazil. When we have shows or whenever I go out we always go to Café Brazil, it”s delicious. I also love Tacos y Mas. I like a lot of Mexican food, so I eat a lot of Manny’s, Abuelos, umm I also like Burgers, I’m into Burger House.

Every time I’m around you your very happy, and very chill. How do you stay so positive.

I don’t know I’ve been through a lot of stuff in the short time I’ve been on this earth. I feel like a lot of things are kind of just like pocket change. I feel like you waste so much energy being angry  I try not to be angry. I feel like the only way to get through life is to be optimistic and happy. Also the field that I’m in is tough so it’s like you kind of just have to be positive about everything, because not everybody can make it.