‘dallas’: secrets, twins & a dead girl

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Episode seven of DALLAS on TNT starts off with a bang! WHAT!? The battle lines are redrawn between Christopher and John Ross. Christopher made it clear to John Ross that he will fight him for Southfork and Elena!!! Hmmm…

Rebecca goes to visit Elena and has to run into the bathroom to throw up. Elena asks how far along she is and Rebecca replies “9 weeks”. Elena seems heartbroken but suggests Rebecca tell Christopher about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Bobby calls Ann. She lies saying she is at Neiman’s but she is really in a park watching a little girl. What does the locket Harris sent mean to her and what is Ann hiding?

John Ross is feeling more pressure to drill on Southfork. He goes to meet with Lucy, offering her a some of the profits if she is able to talk Gary into consenting to drill on Southfork. Later, Lucy goes to visit Bobby and it comes to a head that she and Gary are with Bobby on not drilling Southfork. John Ross is despite to drill and is begging Bobby but he refuses.

Christopher finds Elena working on her truck and tries to help…and apologize for being a jerk to her. Elena is clearly uncomfortable and insists he call Rebecca and when he ask why she is insisting on this, Elena shouts “she’s pregnant”.

Christopher shows up to see Rebecca, distraught and unwilling to believe she is pregnant. Rebecca makes an awful comment about Christopher being adopted and he storms out. A paternity test is completed and Christopher has to return to the hospital for the results. IT’S A MATCH! Christopher is the father…of twins and when he sees the sonogram…tears, all around.

Bobby is arrested for the assault on Harris Ryland and to get off, Bobby has to apologize. Ann won’t talk to Bobby about Harris. Bobby comes clean about the charges and how if he apologies the charges will be dropped. Again…Ann storms off. What is this hold Harris has over Ann and what is up with that locket?!

While John Ross and Elena are on a date, he sees Veronica aka Marta and runs off the find her. John Ross get a call demanding he meet with the thug who he and JR owe for Southfork. In exchange for a little extra time to drill and to shift the focus to Veronica, John Ross gives up information exposes her for skimming money off the top of the Southfork deal. He is able to buy an additional week but is still in jeopardy of losing the ranch if he does not produce.

John Ross is looking for help and turns to his mother. Sue Ellen suggest that he ask Elena to float him oil from what she is pumping on the land next door but John Ross doesn’t want to mess things up with her. Despite his desire to keep Elena out of this, Sue Ellen asks Elena to help John Ross without him knowing.

Veronica is stalking Elena and is at the restaurant where she and Sue Ellen are having lunch. Somehow Veronica ends up with Elena’s phone and calls John Ross, talking him into meet her at her hotel. John Ross heads there looking to find Elena but finds Veronica alone in the dark room, fearful of the people following her. Meanwhile Christopher goes to Elena’s and she is there but her phone is missing…Veronica picked it up at the restaurant. Christopher tells Elena that he wants to be with her despite everything that is happening. She refuses. At the same time, John Ross realizes that Veronica does not have Elena. They get into a tussle, he is scratched on the neck by her, he takes Elena’s phone and leaves, missing the two thugs coming down the hall to Veronica’s room. By the time John Ross gets down to his car, Veronica is laying dead on top of car. YIKES!! That scratch is going to come back to bite him!!

Bobby goes to visit Harris and apologizes for punching him. Harris gives Bobby and envelope claiming the contents will tell him the kind of person his wife is. OMG!

Ann and Bobby final get to talk and he shows her with the envelope…but throws it in the fire asking Ann to trust him and tell him anything she needs. As the fire burns through the contents of the envelope, you see a picture of Ann holding a baby girl…

John Ross finally makes it to Elena’s and finds her well. She tells him she wants to help him with the investors by giving him oil but the conversation is interrupted because the Dallas Police show up again! But this time, they are there to take John Ross in for question regarding the murder of Veronica Martinez.

This week’s show was far better than last week. The suspense returned! Maybe I am getting ahead of myself but the cliffhanger of this episode has me asking lots of questions.

1) What is in Ann’s past?

2) Is JR involved with the framing of John Ross?

3) How is John Ross going to get out of this jam?

4) What happens to Rebecca and Christopher now?

5) What happens to Christopher and Elena now?

Looks like we have about 3 more episodes of Dallas before the end of season 1. I am missing the show already!

Stay tuned for updates, recaps and my opinion on the show each week.

*‪I was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network. I was not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes.