‘dallas’: the con game, partnerships & goodbye southfork

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Episode four of DALLAS on TNT has the everyone packing up and preparing to say goodbye to Southfork. A huge bbq is planned and “everyone who has set foot on Southfork” is coming.

Sue Ellen reaches out to Cliff Barns, a past political force, as she prepares to run for Governor of Texas. Cliff is providing her advice and later offers to fund her campaign. Of course JR walks in and catches them talking and exchanges some choice words with Cliff. I am still wondering why Cliff is back. So far he has only been reconnecting with people: first Bobby, JR by accident, then Christopher and now Sue Ellen. I am eager to see how he really fits into the rest of the season.

John Ross confronts Rebecca about the email and cons her into doing his dirty work of getting evidence on Lobell’s son, a guy who he calls “a drug addict”. John Ross makes it clear to Rebecca that if she doesn’t do as he requests and do it fast, he will tell Christopher about the email. Rebecca hesitates but eventually goes through with seeking out the guy at a AA/NA type meeting. She pretends to be a user and tries to get the guy to fall off the wagon but he refuses. Later Rebecca and her brother have a run in about her failing to install the spy program on Christopher’s computer, he does it himself and reminds her that they are there “for money”. Now we know their motive! Let’s see how this plays out because Rebecca still seems a little unwilling to continue the con game on Christopher.

JR views John Ross as a threat. JR knows John Ross is fooling around with Marta but is focused on getting Elena back so, he hires someone to spy on them. JR is scheming again…need I say more?! The spy takes pictures of John Ross and Elena horsing around, gives then to JR and he in turn gives them to Marta. He knew Marta would be upset and this is his leverage to get a new deal with her to steal Southfork, eliminating John Ross. In the meantime, John Ross also has Marta working to catch Lobell’s son using drugs, and she does! She gets a photo for proof and gives it to JR. He uses it to con Labell into cutting John Ross out of the deal to steal Southfork. Confused yet?! This is what DALLAS is known for…the ultimate scheme and con game. I really want this Marta chic to go away but let’s what she adds to the show from this point forward.

Christopher comes clean to Bobby and shares the details of what happened with him not marring Elena. Bobby tells Christopher that he has to make a choice between Elena and Rebecca. This conversation sparked something in Christopher because he gives Elena a $20,000 check for her help on the methane hydrate project and lashes into her saying that he can’t trust that she won’t come back later trying claiming ownership. But he goes further to say that because she has been in business with John Ross and drilling on Southfork without permission, that she will compromise herself for money to prove she is “more than just the helps daughter”. That was a low down dirty dig but…what do little boys do when they really like a girl…pull her hair. That was what Christopher did, just in a sightly different way. He is still crazy about her and he has a difficult choice to make. At the time Christopher confronts Elena, he is not aware that she and John Ross are back in business together and are planning to drill on land neighboring Southfork, with Sue Ellen backing it.

The episode ends with Rebecca approaching Christopher at the bbq to tell him about the email…but we have to wait till next week to know how that goes down.

I really enjoyed the show tonight because as the characters develop, the plot thickens. We are four episodes in and already entrenched in more backstabbing, lying and scheming than I expected for this revival. The writers, producers are reaching out and grabbing viewers and I like that! I just hope the show has longevity and isn’t “showing its hand” in the first season. I want the new series to staying power with story lines that keep viewers glued to their tv sets.

Stay tuned for my updates each week. As the show progresses, I am sure my opinion of it will too.

*‪I was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network. I was not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes.

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