‘dallas’: a kiss, a plot, remember cliff barns?

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Episode three of DALLAS on TNT is jam-packed with the lying, cheating and stealing known to the original series.  JR made it clear to John Ross that he can’t be double crossed and asked him to allow him to teach John Ross everything he knows about the oil business.  How long this partnership will last is hard to tell.  It still seems that no one can trust JR and it’s clear John Ross can’t be trusted either.  The apple does not fall from the tree.  In the meantime, JR and John Ross pull off a fake phone call to Bobby that results in JR moving back into Southfork.

Bobby admits that he wanted to sell Southfork because he feared he would not be alive to keep it up.  After having cancer surgery, he decides he can and puts the sale of Southfork on hold but later gives in to a threat from John Ross, and agrees to sell it to who he believes is Marta and her father.  The deal is really for John Ross and JR to screw him and get Southfork.

Christopher’s wife, Rebecca, and her brother are in cahoots against Christopher and his family but I am not 100% sure what their goal is.  Her brother asked her to tap Christopher’s computer so he can steal information on the methane hydrate project.  Rebecca seems uneasy with this request but agrees to do it.  She seems to really want to make things work with Christopher and as if she is struggling with if she should stick with the plan she developed with her brother or be true to Christopher.  This part of the story line is somewhat annoying to me right now because I have no clue why they are trying to use Christopher!!

Episode three also has the return Cliff Barns and JR does not appreciate that Cliff tried to talk Bobby into selling him Southfork “to right some of the wrongs” the Ewing’s caused his family.  Cliff Barns calls his nephew Christopher along with Rebecca to dinner to discuss investing in Christopher’s methane hydrate project.  This essentially would give Christopher the money he needs to move things forward but he rejects it.

Christopher and Elena are successful in their efforts to fix his methane patent and a way to extract methane gas without a negative effect on the Earth.   This seems to bring them closer.  They go to tell Bobby about the success only for Christopher to find that his father has sold Southfork.  Elena and Christopher kiss after he is devastated by the news of his father having cancer.  He loves her and she loves him.  Real love never dies.  Rebecca’s brother photographs this and sends it to her to motivate/anger her into tapping Christopher’s computer.  Christopher comes home, shared the news he learned about his father and tells Rebecca that he loves her.  She tosses the thumb drive with the spy program on it into the trash.

John Ross is trying to clear his name after being accused by Elena and Christopher of sending an email from Christopher’s email account to Elena calling off their wedding.  He had someone investigating this to find out that Rebecca Sutter, Christopher’s wife, sent it.  OMG!!! This is getting too good!

I did not have good vibes about Rebecca and she is proving to be at the center of a plot of deceit against the Ewing family.  But in true DALLAS fashion, the almighty cliffhanger will leaving me waiting until next week to find out the following:

1) How John Ross uses his knowledge about Rebecca sending the email to Elena.

2) How Rebecca managers her brothers intentions along with her own.

3) How Bobby comes to terms with JR and John Ross plotting against him.  The rivalry between Bobby and JR is reigniting, hotter than ever.

4) How Christopher and Elena deal with their feelings for one another.

Stay tuned for my updates each week.  As the show progresses, I am sure my opinion of it will too.

*‪I was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network. I was not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes.

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