cupcake week: breakfast anyone?

Cupcakes come in all the flavors you can imagine.  I even had a strawberry/jalapeno cupcake at Cupcake Camp, but my most unique cupcake experience came when I tried the French Toast Bacon Breakfast Cupcake crafted by amateur bakers Cheryl Dumas & Kim & Cory Wickware.

French Toast cupcake with maple buttercream, fresh-cut bacon strips and egg.  EGG?! Yes, a gummy treat that looks like an egg.  What a genius idea!

This was really a delicious cupcake and, in my opinion, was the most creative cupcake at Cupcake Camp.  I had never enjoyed a french toast flavor cake before so that was new to me.  It really was like biting into french toast covered in maple syrup and with the bacon you get the right amount of savory to mellow the sweetness.  The egg was a delight!  Marshmallow, gummy and fruit flavored, it was perfect for looks and taste.  I need to have this cupcake again, really soon.

By the way, Cheryl Dumas & Kim & Cory Wickware placed as a finalist in Best of Show-Amateur Division and won 1st place Best Appearance – Amateur Division with French Toast Bacon Breakfast Cupcake.  This trio also placed in several categories with their York Peppermint Patty Cupcake entry.