@leslietypes: wanna see my cowboy boots?

image via corralboots.com

I put off buying a pair of cowboy boots for months.  Since I have never owned a pair before I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I remembered a seeing a place called Pinks when traveling Preston to and from 635.  I liked the name, so I decided to stop there last Tuesday after work.  This wasn’t my first time in a western store but it was a first time that I would be the one making a purchase.

After explaining that I am a cowboy boot virgin, Steven directed me in my search.  He explained the fit of pointed, round and square toe boots and why I want my heel to slip.  After trying on about 4 pair that fit the colors and style I liked, I went back the first pair I tried on pictured above, the Corral Ladies Chocolate Natural Africa Distressed Goat Leather.  

The pair I purchased is actually quite a bit lighter in color but I fell in love with them and because they are so neutral, I will get a lot of wear out of them.  Yep – that’s right!  I will wear them more than once but my first outing in them will be to the Silver Dollar Ball Saturday night.  If you are at the Ball on Saturday, come check me out in my new boots!

Now, if only I had spurs…

If you are still needing boots for the Ball, check out Pinks!  The owner, Jay Pink, is fabulous and they have a HUGE selection of men’s and women’s boots.