california pizza kitchen: always a delight

With so many restaurants to choose from, I always forget how much I love California Pizza Kitchen.  They are kind of tucked away inside The Shops at Willow Bend but every time I’ve been there, the place has been packed.

Last week a friend was visiting and she’d never been to CPK so it was the perfect excuse to go.  We started the night with a cocktail…the Mango, Mango Mojito.  Mango rum, mint, lime, mango syrup and club soda – this drink is a creeper!  It goes down light and smooth but it creeps back and reminds you not to suck’em down too fast.  I love mango – this is my new drink when I visit CPK.  It has a really fresh flavor from the mint and trust me when I say it is not a super sweet drink.  I know it may be hard to believe but it is a mild drink.  That’s why you must be careful not to drink too many too fast.  🙂

CPK has a full menu of delicious looking dishes but I usually stick to pizza when I visit.  It is wise to have a friend or two with you because the pizzas are not person…they are made for sharing.

My favorite is the California Club pizza but since it was my friends first time at CPK, I let her choose and she picked the new Habanero Carnitas Pizza.  Pulled pork, red onions, cilantro pesto, mozzarella and queso quesadilla cheeses – I really enjoyed this pizza…A LOT!

“Where’s the habanero”?!  It comes on the side in the form of a super spicy salsa.  I love hot stuff so this was right up my alley.  Nonetheless, this pizza is divine with and without the side of super spicy hananero salsa.

It had been about a 2 years since I had visited CPK.  I promise not to stay away that long ever again.

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  1. I’m with you on the California Club. I’m not really a big fan of the Habenero…too much spice for my pizza.

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