pick of the week: mophie juice pack plus

I have officially given up my BlackBerry for the iPhone 4S. YES – you read correctly. I now carry an iPhone 4S. Some never thought they would live to see the day this would happen but I’ve been iPhoning for almost a week now and I love it.

image via mophie.com

All of the stories I heard about the iPhone battery running down super fast is just one of the reasons it took me so long to convert. So before becoming an iPhone users I searched for a remedy to this. A friend told me about a case that is a battery pack that can charge your phone. Excited about this, I looked up her suggestion, the mophie iPhone 4S juice pack plus, to find that this is a must have if you are going to be an iPhone user. I ordered one and I am so glad I did.

The genius of the mophie device is that you slip you phone into the case and you can charge your phone and the device at the same time via USB. When the phone is not on the charger, you have the option of using the iPhone battery or the juice pack plus battery and when your iPhone battery is low, the juice pack plus charges your phone. In addition you have a sleek case to keep your phone protected. What?! Are you serious?! This is the best device ever and if you have an iPhone, you need this. Get to the mophie website to check it out. I use it, I love it and don’t know how iPhoners ever lived without it.