Interview: Carla Facciolo of VH1 Mob Wives Part 2

In part one of my interview with Carla Facciolo, she shared what it was like growing up in Brooklyn, who gave her that beautiful lattice heart pendent she wears, why she didn’t call Renee when she was in the hospital and one word/phrase to describe her castmates.  In part two Carla talks about how she came to do the show, her thoughts on people who feel doing Mob Wives is wrong and if the ladies will every play nice.

We found out in episode 3 of season 2 that you have known Renee 27 years.  Your friendship with her has stood the test of time and knowing this really makes me root for you guys to stop fighting.  How long have you known Karen?  Drita?  Big Ang? RaMona?

Yes, it feels like I have known Renee forever! I have only known Karen for about 2 years.  I just met Ramona.  I have known Big Ang and Drita for a few years now. 

How did you come to do the show?  What made you want to do it?

I had my doubts about the show because I am such a private person and don’t like people knowing my business.  It was Drita who actually talked me into sticking with it so I did!

What do you say to those who say that you are wrong for doing a reality tv show called Mob Wives and discussing things that most in “The Lifestyle” would not?

I think people are crazy if they think I’m talking about someone else’s life because it is clear that we all talk about our own lives on the show, not about the mob!!!

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How does Joe feel about you doing the show and discussing the circumstances of his past?

Joe really isn’t on the show much and if he is, he’s only doing things with his kids… so it’s cool.

Was there anything that happened in season 1 that made your think twice about doing season 2?  Any regrets?  Any scores to settle?

In season 1, I had a fight with Renee.  I don’t like the fighting and getting out of control but Renee can be difficult to deal with sometimes.   In season 1, I tried and stay neutral but it’s hard with these crazy bitches!  (Laughing)

It’s just a few episodes in but as I watch season 2, I see huge riffs developing between you ladies.  I am hoping things are all wrapped up in a pretty bow by season end and I know you can’t let the cat out of the bag, but will you ladies EVER play nice? 🙂

Don’t know if these girls can ever play nice but you will see what happens!

We all know production is a huge part of reality shows, things are cut & put together & it may not fully represent what happened.  How do you feel yourself…and everyone else is being represented in season 2?

Yes production can be like that a little but they try to get everything we say to show the audience.  I sometimes wish they edited more! (Laughing)

Watching Mob Wives is a part of my Sunday night routine and I truly enjoyed speaking with Carla.  As I mentioned at the end of part one, she is genuine.  Her privacy is everything but we are glad she lets us have a peek into her life every Sunday night.

A personal message from Carla to Pop Goes The City™ readers: Make sure you stay tuned to Mob Wives, Sunday at 7pm cst on VH1!


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