@LeslieTypes: I Love A Good Protest

I do love a good protest and when the danger of losing aspects of internet freedom is possible, I feel compelled to join the movement against it.  The gist of this was summed up best in a recent WordPress post that read in part:

“…there’s a bill in the U.S. Senate that if passed would put publishing freedom severely at risk, and could shut down entire sites at the whim of media companies.”

Ummm… I have a problem with this and if you publish web content or simply enjoy reading web content, you should too.  Read the full post here.

From 7a to 7p CST tomorrow Pop Goes The City™ will take part in a blackout joining sites like WordPress.org and Wikipedia in support of the movement against Senate Bill 968, the Protect IP Act.  If you are passionate about your ability to publish &/or read the web content you love without interference, join the movement.  The link above to the WordPress post will tell you how your site can take part.