Mal Malouf in Preston Center

Mal Malouf on Villanova in Preston Center is one of my favorite boutiques to pop into.  It’s a great place to pick up a gift for a friend or yourself and the racks are always full of the latest trends.

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Ladies, if I had to direct you to one place to find a cute dress it would be Mal Malouf.  I personally have referred several friends to check out the fantastic selections there.

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 For almost all occasions, their super staff can help you find the perfect dress…and they have a HUGE (too huge) selection of accessories to help you pull your whole look together.

If you haven’t been to Mal Malouf yet, get there!


2 responses to “Mal Malouf in Preston Center

  1. I went in today to purchase some gifts and also some things for myself and the owner was there, even complimenting me on my outfit when I first arrived. While looking at the earrings, I held one up to my ear to look at it in the mirror and try to get an idea of how it would look and removed my earring to better see the one I was thinking about buying. I took my earring out and held the one I was looking at up to my earlobe to see how it would look in the mirror and all of a sudden I heard, quite loudly and in a terse tone “honey, you can just hold those up to your ear and not try them on.” I turned around to see an older woman/sales associate standing about 10 feet away and just staring at me. I was speechless and just went and handed the earrings to the woman and walked out. Needless to say, it was a little surprising and very embarrassing especially because she was not discreet at all and there were other customers now looking at me. While I understand the policy (that, before that point I didn’t know they had) “better” boutiques and stores allow this and just sanitize the earrings. Most importantly, no one wants to be chastised, especially in front of other customers. I have a background in retail management so I guess encountering something like this, especially in Park Cities where I live makes it even that much more surprising. In a city like Dallas, there are many shopping choices. I’m sorry but this store will no longer be one of mine after today and wish them the best of luck. They’ll need it if this is how they treat their customers…people in this town have very good memories and tend to vote with their money. Some people need to think about that. Rotten customer service, rude employees, cheap quality….no thanks.

    • OMG! I hate this happened to you!! I never like to hear about a local business, especially one featured on PGTC, possibly having customer service challenges. Being that you are a Park Cities resident, there are other shopping choices and I thank you for sharing your experience about this store with me.

      I am not affiliated with the store but do wish them well. I know people have bad days and maybe this salesperson was having a bad day. Most upscale stores do allow trying on of jewelry because they do sanitize but I suppose others do not and I hate that your knowledge of their policy did not come in a different, kinder way.

      Keep reading and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it!

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