Hydrate Your Winter Skin

Dry, itchy winter skin is very pleasant.  Scratching leads to greater irritation, continued cracking and possible infections.  During the winter, skin requires extra protected to keep it soft, supple and moisturized.

Here are a few tips I use to help combat my dry, itchy winter skin:

Take Warm Showers! Hot water feels wonderful but it dries skin and can further irritate already dehydrated skin.  My dermatologist suggested this to me several years ago and the temperature adjustment has made a difference in how my skin feels.

Exfoliate! Slough off dead, dry skin that creates a barrier preventing moisturizers from soaking into your skin and working properly.  I prefer to use a sugar scrub over a salt scrub for body and a home micro-dermabrasion polishing paste  for face.  I suggest you exfoliate with the products best for you and your desired results.

image via dove.us

Moisturize! Applying a moisturizer while your skin is sill moist is ideal.  Be sure to use a moisturizer suited for your skin type and reapply as needed in problem areas or for extra dry skin.  I have extra dry skin all year-long.  I do not bother using smelly lotions.  I don’t like anything competing with my fragrance.  I use a quality lotion with intense moisture.  I love Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion.  Good luck finding it in the store because I hoard this stuff!

Humidifiers! Heat in your homes during the winter months dries out the air.  I personally do not like a lot of heat in my apartment during the winter.  I have long heard that using a humidifier is excellent for your skin because they add moisture back into the air.

On a final note, keep your body hydrated from the inside out! Drinking water helps you to flush out impurities and maintain fresh looking skin.