In Review: Designers Choice Fashion Preview

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the Designers Choice Fashion Preview, hosted by Korto Momolu of Project Runway Season 5 at Dallas World Trade Center.  Some of my favorite designs from the evening can be seen throughout this post.

The preview focused on Dallas designers by offering a platform to show their point of view. This was something I was particularly interested in because I do wonder where the Dallas design scene is and how they interpret their point of view on the runway.

Local designers Antoni Michelle, Tanesa Peterson, Megan McKinney, Candace Locke, Andre Terry, Elwood Shannon, Becca Jett and Stephanie Thomas showed collections that truly reflected their take on trends…as well as created a few new ones of their own.

The effort made to put together really fantastic collections was evident and pride in the finished product could be seen on each designers face.  Some collections really left me wanting to see more because I was captivated from the very first look.

Before the close of the show Korto Momolu showcased her Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week Collection.

The standout color in Korto’s collection was orange and gorgeous patterns.  It was beautiful.  She has an amazing design aesthetic that I enjoy.

I really loved this show!  The venue was fill and it was each designers time to shine in front friends, family, press, and overall fashion lovers.


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