Pho is for Lovers

Sunday night we were in the mood for pho but our usual place, Pho Chau, is unfortunately closed on the weekends.  I remembered seeing Pho is for Lovers on Greenville Avenue in Dallas and we decided to try it and compare it to our usual place.

It was quite good and tasted almost exactly the same as Pho Chau.  It had the perfect broth, noodle, cilantro, onion ratio.

Pho is for Lovers is definitely worth a try if you have a craving for good Vietnamese food and you are in the area.  Plus, not that it matters, but how cute it the name?!  Pho is for Lovers also serves banh mi (delicious sandwiches on a baguette), vermicelli noodle, and rice plates.


2 responses to “Pho is for Lovers

    • Pho Chau is super delish!! I go to Colonial Pho sometimes because it is close to me. Only had the banh mi. I should try something else next time.

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