@LeslieTypes: Why I Hate “2% Spandex”

A few recent comments I made on Twitter regarding “2% Spandex” resulted in random, yet nice, people blowing up my replies.  I find this very interesting because clearly I am not the only woman who can live without all the stretch in my pants.

I have several issues in general with women’s clothes these days, like everything being so trend heavy with fewer and fewer classic pieces, but I digress.  That is a discussion for another day.

Do women really need “2% Spandex”?  I say no.  Natural 100% cotton is what I crave, especially when it comes to jeans.

I hear the argument that “2% Spandex” helps a pant keep its shape but how do you explain the saggy knees and saggy butts in jeans?  Have you ever got a pair of trouser pants with “2% Spandex” wet by a few droplets of rain?  Your pants look awful until they dry and when they dry the fabric puckers.

To me, all “2% Spandex” does is allows a woman to do is buy her pants 1, 2, or even 3 sizes smaller than what she would normally wear, because she has to accommodate for all the stretching the pants will do.  This becomes psychological for her.  She is a size 12 but for proper fit has to buy size 10 pants and instantly she feels better.

Is that was design has become, a psychological game?  Yes, clothes do pay a part in our psyche – if you look good, you feel good – but this is different.

Jeans and trousers are no longer as durable as they once were either.  I have mentioned this before that I have 30+ pairs of jeans and some date back to high school.  They are Levi’s.  Levi’s are the most durable jeans you can buy…or they once were.  I haven’t purchased any since they ended the Personal Pair program but I love the ones I have.

I have noticed that the jeans and trouser pants I own with “2% Spandex” tend to wear out faster.  Is this a ploy to get me to buy more?

I am not one who is afraid to spend moment on my clothes.  I have also mentioned that I have paid about $30 to $200+ for jeans and trouser pants.  That is a rather large range and you would think a person who has spent $200+ on a single pair of pants is sure to find something she is 100% happy with.  Well, I have not.  I buy what is available because there are little to no options for women when it comes to avoiding the dreaded “2% Spandex”.

At this point, it comes down to three options for me: 1) shut up and take it – continue with buying what is in the marketplace; 2) design my own jeans and trouser pants; or 3) find a local seamstress or designer I can commission.

If you want good steady business, I am interviewing seamstresses and designers to take a trip down memory lane with me and make some pants that are durable and worth the money I am willing to pay. 😉