I Love Rusty…Taco

Have you been to Rusty Taco yet?  If not, you should!

I like when a restaurant keeps it simple while creating a great niche for themselves.  Simply put, Rusty Taco is joint serving tacos, breakfast tacos, beer and delicious margaritas.  What more do you need?!

On my last visit I enjoyed two fabulous tacos.

#5 Brisket Taco – is rubbed with spices and then roasted slowly for 18 hours. The tender beef is shredded and topped with queso fresco, onion and cilantro”

#9 Rusty Taco – is filled with our achiote marinated shredded pork, and topped with pineapple, onion and cilantro. The slightly red color and warm, earthy flavors make this a unique namesake creation”

Both of these tacos are flavorful and when paired with their fabulous salsa choices, they are super flavorful.  I love the idea of pineapple on a taco.  It goes well with the tender pork.

Yes tacos, particularly street style tacos, are seemingly the new cupcake and you can find taco digs on almost every corner.  I am partial and will always be partial to Fuel City Tacos but give Rusty Taco a try.  There are two Dallas area locations that I am aware of, Upper Greenville and Harry Hines.

What are your thoughts?

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