Interview: Victoria Snee, author of The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.!

SMU grad, AP award-winning journalist, author, local television/radio co-host and Plano’s own Victoria Snee dishes with me in an exclusive interview where I uncover where she dines, her thoughts on Dallas style, tips on how to look fabulous and what’s in her makeup bag.

What are your thoughts on Dallas when it comes to fashion and beauty?

I think we are absolute fashion and beauty trendsetters. We have our own sense of style here in North Texas and we are proud to show it off. Where else in the country are you going to see cute dresses paired with cowboy boots? I love how North Texas women dress and applaud their individuality.

What fashion trends do you see in the metroplex that you have not seen in other places you have traveled?

Definitely dresses paired with cowboy boots, leggings with cowboys boots, just about anything for that matter paired with cowboy boots. I love it! It is very cowboy chic and looks cute and sexy all at the same time.

What are your fall/winter must haves and where can we get them in Dallas?

I think you definitely need a great coat, a cozy cashmere sweater, tall boots, velvet pumps, a bejeweled clutch and something with fur trim (real or faux). I am partial to NorthPark Center since I am their fashion and beauty expert, but really, is there a better shopping center? I think not! You can find everything you need and more at NorthPark Center!

What motivated you to write “The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.!”?

I really just wanted to help women. I think it can be so overwhelming these days to walk up to a cosmetics counter at a department store. You are just bombarded by people trying to sell you products that you really don’t need or don’t know what to do with. I wanted to write a book that was easy to read and that could be used as a reference guide when you go beauty shopping.

In the book, you shared some wonderful beauty tidbits from your celebrity interviews.  Tell me about something, a beauty secret, you were surprised to learn about one of the celebrities you interviewed.

The biggest tips I learned were not from the celebrities themselves but from their make-up artists. I learned to use products from all different cosmetics lines. In the past, I was always told to just find a beauty brand you liked and buy everything they sold. Now, I mix and match products. These days, I will buy Maybelline Great Lash mascara and Armani foundation. I mix up department store brands with drugstore products.

What is in you makeup bag?

Always lip gloss (I am an addict so there are always dozens of tubes, literally!), a pressed powder compact for quick touch ups, a mirror, blotting papers for oil and shine and dental floss. I once interviewed Mariah Carey and before we started the interview, she had a big piece of spinach caught in between her front teeth! Guess who came to the rescue with dental floss? Now, I always have some with me. I never know when I might run into Mariah again!

I am a self-proclaimed lip balm addict.  I can not leave home without 2 or more tubes in my handbag.  In the book, you share that one of the items you can not leave home without is mascara.  What is the one beauty item you believe no woman should leave home without and why?

Definitely lip gloss or lipstick. You can have a full face of make-up, but if your lips aren’t done, it just doesn’t look complete. Lipstick is a must for me!

Let’s talk about women matching makeup to clothes…a HUGE no-no.  What tips can you share to help women get out of this beauty rut?

Women need to match their make-up to their skin tone! Clothes have nothing to do with the colors you should be applying. You want to wear make-up shades that best match your skin tone and not your blouse!

I am just running to NorthPark Center and don’t really have time or the motivation to apply a full face of makeup.  What would you suggest I apply to have a fresh look in 5 minutes or less?

Easy! A little concealer under the eyes (my favorite is by Cle de Peau), a light swipe of mascara, a little lip gloss and you are good to go!

When you want to pamper yourself, get a facial, a massage or just enjoy the view, where do you go in Dallas?

I love the Spa at the Ritz Carlton. It is such a relaxing atmosphere. The minute you step into the spa, you forget you are in a big city. Their body scrubs are amazing! I love Dean’s Margarite Salt Glow. For my facials, I visit the Renee Rouleau spa in Plano.

Where are some of your favorite places to eat Dallas or Collin County and why?

I love seafood and my husband loves steak, so we usually end up at places like Al Biernat’s, Nick and Sam’s, Bob’s Steak and Chop and Ocean Prime. I also love the fabulous flavors at Nosh and when I really want to splurge, I order the fried calamari Caesar salad at La Duni followed by a piece of Tres Leches cake.

Do you have any local designers you love?

I have a lot of local jewelry designers that I love—Rachelle Dauphinee, Elizabeth Showers, Deborah Gaspar, Sonya Renee, just to name a few. I adore their jewelry!

Do you have any local or Texas-based beauty lines you love?

There is also an amazing fragrance that is made here in Dallas and is beloved by dozens of celebrities called Child. Susan D. Owens is the creator and she is fantastic! John Mayer has talked about Child in interviews. Actress Jennie Garth first talked about it in during an interview with In Style magazine and says whenever she wears it, men go wild!

For years I have been a fan of Jo Malone fragrances and in your book, you mentioned your signature scent is Jo Malone’s Red Roses. I recently tried it and fell in love.  Also in the book, you give valuable information on appropriate fragrance application but what advise can you give women who are searching for their signature scent?

I am a big believer in experimentation. I think it is important to find a scent that you love and others love too. So, try samples of fragrances and see what kind of response you get.

What is next for Victoria Snee?  Are more beauty or even fashion tips on the horizon?

Right now, I am really enjoying my new job as NorthPark Center’s fashion and beauty expert. It is so much fun and I love getting to see all the latest looks in fashion and beauty. I am always discovering new products and tips, so be sure to check out my website for my latest finds!

Victoria has great tips in her book, “The Beauty Buzz…NO MORE BEAUTY B.S.!”.  I suggest you grab a copy, read it and use the fabulous index as needed while at the cosmetics counter.  Her tips will save you time and money.


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