In Review: Buick Discovery Tour

I don’t normally think of food when I think of Buick, but after the amazing event this past Sunday at the Ritz Carlton Dallas that has completely changed!

Buick and Food and Wine Magazine have teamed up to create a cross-country tour to promote Buick and introduce the brand to a new (read younger and hipper) consumer. Attendees broke off into smaller groups and traveled four different “modules” to experience live cooking demonstrations and a chance to test drive different Buick models.

The first module was a demonstration by Chef Alex Stratta where he showed us how to make walnut crusted salmon with curried butternut squash puree.
It was delicious!

Next, Pastry Chef Ben Roche from Moto in Chicago made maple syrup, sage, and bacon ice cream which was surprisingly yummy.
Next, renowned sommelier Michael Green gave a quick lesson on wines and wine tasting which was wonderful and surprisingly informative.  Finally for the grand finale superstar Chef Michael Psilakis from Kefi in New York gave a heartwarming speech on his early childhood memories of food and his parents and how they influenced his life choices.  He then showed us how to make the best meatballs I have ever tasted in my life and this is no exaggeration.

All in all,  a wonderful event!

What are your thoughts?

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