@LeslieTypes: Seeking the philosophy of Philosophy (Beauty Line)

I have been wanting to try the Philosophy line of beauty products for years but I am always hesitant to try lines that do not have a dedicated representative at their counter.

Ladies, you know what  I mean!  Last time I was at the Philosophy counter in Nordstrom at Galleria Dallas, I stood looking at products for some time before a representative who works at the next counter came over to help because the counter I was standing at is actually just a display and no one works there at all.  This is so annoying… especially if you have lots of questions before you buy.  The questions I asked could not be answered because the person was not familiar with the products directly.

Is the cleanser good for all skin types? HELP! (image via philosophy.com)

Boy I hope this practice has changes because I am looking for a new skincare product line and I hear Philosophy is great, but I want to know what it can do for my skin.  What is so great about it?  I did encounter a nice cosmetics sales team at the Philosophy booth at VISIONS, The Women’s Expo.  They seemed knowledgable but because of their location at the expo and the number of women visiting the booth, I could not ask many questions.

Are these good for all skin types as well? (image via philosophy.com)

If you are in Dallas and you use Philosophy, where can I get a proper consultation?  If you work at a location that sells this product line and you are able to share the “philosophy of Philosophy” and how the products could met my needs, please post a comment…or better yet, use our contact form and I will respond fast. 🙂

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