Man Scent: CREED Aventus

There is no proper or polite way to say this so I will just go ahead and say it.  The smell of CREED Aventus makes me want to act like a girl in one of those Axe body spray commercials.  This cologne smells AMAZING.  So much so that I actually had the lady at Neimans spray a lot of it onto one of those tester strips so I could leave it in my car as air freshener.

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Seriously, all men reading this might want to make an investment in this stuff (and I do mean investment – the large bottle is $285.00). Ladies, also not a bad idea for a holiday gift for your man since there is no doubt he will love it… aaand double bonus its kind of a gift for yourself since you get to smell him!  Pick up your bottle at Neiman Marcus in NorthPark Center or Willow Bend.


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