@LeslieTypes: Back to Black(Berry)…First Impressions of the Bold 9930

I have always been a fan of BlackBerry.  I have owned 5 (Curve, Tour, Storm, Storm 2, Bold) and now my 6th, Bold 9930.

I faced a bit of opposition from the store when it was arranged for me to return my 3rd Droid in nearly 4 months for a 9930.  The store did everything they could to try to get me to leave with another Droid but after the experience I’d had, there was no Droid I was willing to try.

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I have had the 9930 for a full 24 hours and want to share my first impressions:

BlackBerry has created a fantastically thin device.  It fits nice in the hand, is lightweight with a sleek design. The phone is so smooth with rounded edges, it’s slippery and could be dropped easy.  The phone is very attracted with the brushed metal frame.  I really like that.

The 9930 is a touch screen with a QWERTY keypad.  I love this!  Since I left the Palm Treo for a Blackberry years ago, I have been waiting for BlackBerry to give me a phone with both touch and a keypad.  BlackBerry has really stepped up their touch screen development.  The screen is sharp, bright and looks great in both artificial and natural light.

I did not update my last BlackBerry to OS 6 so OS 5 is the last I had used.  The 9930 utilizes the new OS 7.  So far it has proven to be much faster with wonderful new graphics technology.  Boot time is a fraction of what it used to be.

Email integration was smooth and I like the new phone setup panel.  Super easy setup as with all other BlackBerry devices.  The only difference is the setup panel has several options to get you customizing the phone right away.

The battery door is pain to open…you must use a knife or something to pop it open.  This is something I would say is important to address should a redesign of the phone come in the future.  Also I am not keen on and have never been keen on where BlackBerry places the charging port.  In general, I have always preferred a charging port being located at the bottom of a phone.  I would like to see BlackBerry find a better location for the charging port.

At this point I have not explored all that the phone can do and will spend the next 35 days assessing its performance with normal use.  Look for a full review post in just over a month.

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