22 Years of VISIONS

For years I’d heard about VISIONS, The Women’s Expo but had never attended…until this past Saturday. I was blown away by all the fantastic exhibitors present.  From beauty and wellness to organization and relaxation, exhibitors displayed the best products and services for all areas of women’s lives.  The two-day event combined the best of everything women want, at one stop.

The new additions to VISIONS, the mini-studio sessions, were a great way to interact in a small group format with select exhibitors and learn about things like skincare and how to reignite your love life.

The Geico Main Stage was the hub of powerful presentations on the topics women appreciate: fashion, beauty and blogging.

The Macy’s Fall Fashion Show was great!  Fur, animal prints and colorblocking dominated the runway.  Check out a short video of the end of the show for a peek at some of the fashions shown. (Excuse the lighting!)

The VISIONS Views  – Women’s Panel featured leading ladies in Dallas dishing on women’s issues and topics like fashion, beauty, hair care and developing one’s style with current fall trends.  When asked what is Dallas’ best kept secret, Plano’s own beauty analyst Victoria Snee offer a crowd pleasing answer. “The women of Dallas. The women of Dallas are fabulous.”, Snee said.  Ashley Williams, co-owner of the boutique Hemline offered priceless advise on buying shoes.  “If they don’t feel good in the store, don’t buy them.”, she said.  This is advise women need to hear because we do tend to buy shoes and then set a plan to “break them in”.

The Blogger Panel was a prime opportunity for women to hear from successful Texas bloggers Kelly Hays of HauteInTexas.com, Judy Aldridge and her daughter Jane Aldridge of SeaofShoes.com.  These ladies write about fashion and have great individual style. The focus of the panel discussion was to encourage women to find their blogging niche, develop a faithful readership, and keep their blog current. The ladies also dished on was how women can bargain hunt and develop their own style on a budget. When asked what item women should purchase to give their look the biggest impact, they all replied “Shoes!”

These are just some of the highlights of the weekend.  There was so much more going on.  I had a great time at VISIONS, The Women’s Expo and look forward to attending again.