Interview: Cynthia Smoot of Oh So Cynthia

The  “socially savvy, fashionably connected” Cynthia Smoot of Oh So Cynthia, dishes with me on where she dines, the local designers she loves and what Dallas really thinks about all these reality shows being filmed here.

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What are your thoughts on Dallas when it comes to fashion?

I think Dallas is a city full of fashion lovers, but let’s face it – the “innovation” in the industry comes from Europe, New York and LA. We just follow suit and implement trends. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. What I think Dallas women do have is a great sense of personal style. I see lots of women who have the ability to take a trend and make it into something greater or better than just the “trend” itself.  They morph it into their own personal style and turn it [into] a look that’s uniquely their own.  That’s a talent and Dallas women have it in spades.

Where are some of your favorite places to eat Dallas or Collin County and why?

For family friendly dining with kids, I love places like Ozona: they have a huge patio so the kids can run around and they make a mean chicken fried steak.  Chip’s Hamburgers: they recently remodeled so they have a new spacious patio with TVs, a great burger and the kids love their shaved ice. Campisi’s for pizza and crab claws. I love that David Campisi takes the little ones into the kitchen to make their own pizza or a dessert.

For adult dining, having a great atmosphere is as important as great dining to me. My whole social life revolves around food, so I want to hang out at a place that’s cozy, conducive for good conversation, has great cocktails and superb food. My top picks are TavernaKomali or Victor Tango’s.

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When you want to pamper yourself, get a facial, a massage or just enjoy the view, where do you go in Dallas?

My husband knows that a gift card to a spa is always a great present for me, because it’s something I totally love to do but never buy for myself. So, I really just go wherever. Where do I go to enjoy the view? I am a country girl at heart and I love being outdoors. My 11 year-old son and I love to spend our weekend afternoons exploring the creek beds along Turtle Creek in Highland Park.  This creek runs all through the town and you will see fish, ducks, raccoons, frogs. It’s a great way to get in a great nature walk – right in the heart of Dallas!

What is the one beauty product you can not live without and why?

Lipstick. I have fair skin and without some sort of color on my lips, I feel like I look washed out and blah. I tend to stick to neutral shades of brown or pinks. My favorite brands are Aveda, because I love how they infuse their lipsticks and glosses with peppermint oil so you get a minty taste. And I love Bobbi Brown’s Lip Shine SPF 15: in Brownie Nude or Moonlight Rose. Not only is the color great, but the tube is about as big around as a pencil and about 4” high, so it’s a great size for an evening bag or to slip into your pocket.

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Do you have any local designers you love?

I have a great admiration for the creative process and talent that goes into producing apparel. Not only do you have to have the creative vision to dream up a design, but you have to have the technical skill to produce a pattern and execute the vision. There are a lot of steps involved in getting it from someone’s head to the store racks.  I love the styles of Shirin AskariAbi Ferrin and Nha Khanh.  I can’t afford to wear them… but I love their designs. 🙂

Gangway Advertising is the company you started with your husband and you oversee many aspects of the business, including social media.  How can social media plug someone into what is happening in their area?

Social media marketing is just word-of-mouth on steroids. So, the same story or idea I would have shared a few years ago with just a few girl friends over lunch, can now be told to thousands of Friends and Followers through my social media channels.  The question is, what do you do with that power?  Your social numbers are meaningless unless you can engage people, introduce ideas, implement change and create enthusiasts about your company, people and products.  If you are going to put your company on a social platform, you have to be prepared to bring your logo to life and talk to your customers in a real and “social” way. They do not just want to hear about your Happy Hour and latest Sale. Using these new channels to push out your same ‘ole tired marketing messages will get you nowhere.

So Cynthia, focuses on a lot of the new reality shows being taped in Dallas.  What are your readers saying about the way Dallas is being portrayed?

With shows like Big Rich Texas or Most Eligible Dallas, you either love them or you love to hate them.  Even if you’re not into reality TV, I think it’s fun to see if you can pick out where they are, what restaurants the cast is dining at, or if you see anyone you know who might be at the next table. The biggest gripe I hear from readers is that “Dallas isn’t really like that”. Well, yeah, for a segment of the population… it is. The bottom line is that you will never see a show where everyone feels represented.  I think it’s important to look at the big picture. The more films and television shows that get filmed here, the more money we are pumping into our economy.  These productions provide much-needed jobs and bring tourism to our city. That’s a good thing!

With wonderful personality, Cynthia Smoot brings Dallas to life for her readers.  Her blog invites them inside some of the hottest events in the area and keeps them up to date on the reality show drama as it unfolds.  If you want to know more about Cynthia Smoot and keep up with all that she is doing, check out her blog – Oh So Cynthia.


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